Faucet Strommen’s Tapware

Why Faucet Strommen’s Tapware is Such High Quality

There are hundreds of bathroom fitting manufacturers selling products in Australia, and the quality varies from supplier to supplier, with Faucet Strommen standing out as one of the finest. The company’s intriguing origins, and its continued commitment to design and...

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Wood Bathroom

5 Awesome Country Style Bathroom Designs

From the moment of our birth we absorb the world voraciously—thousands of textures, patterns, and colours, painted onto our memories year after year, and creating our own sense of style. Few can explain why they’re drawn to a particular style,...

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Exotic Feminine Bathroom

What Makes A Victorian Bathroom?

In the Victorian era, the British Empire was far-reaching, and bathroom designers from around the world had an unprecedented amount of inspiration to draw upon. Eclecticism and opulence mingled with Gothic influences and Middle-Eastern flavours, and it all gave rise...

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Laundry Designs

3 Of The Best Laundry Designs Out There

If you’re renovating your home, you can be forgiven for overlooking the laundry. It isn’t a room that gets a great deal of attention, despite it being a place we constantly visit to re-wash our clothes. (more…)

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Inspirational Kitchen Design Ideas

When it comes to getting the most out of your new home build or renovation, kitchens are the place to start. Kitchens are often the first thing you see when you step into a home, and they’re normally where family...

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5 Simple Bathroom Sink Designs To Inspire You

Vessels, undermounts, farmhouses...who knew that there were so many sink types, and that picking one for your bathroom would be so challenging? (more…)

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Stylish Bathtub Designs

Stylish Bathtub Designs For Your Bathroom

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, or just want to change it up a little, a bathtub is a great way to introduce a little luxury. Whether your bathroom is an oasis of relaxation, or bustling with activity from...

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Design A Walk-In Wardrobe

Expert Tips On How To Design A Walk-In Wardrobe Dressing Room

As well adding a luxurious touch to your home, walk-in wardrobes offer a number of practical advantages. Whether the wardrobe is built-in or an extension of the bedroom, they help to declutter spaces, prolong the life of your clothing, and...

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Kitchen Hygeine Rules

6 Kitchen Hygiene Rules To Follow During The Coronavirus

Australia has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic exceptionally well, with the government looking to ease restrictions across the country soon. Good safety and hygiene in the kitchen will remain a critical defense against the virus going forward. (more…)

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