Hampstons Style Cupboard Kitchen White

12 Chic Hampton Style Cupboards | Ideas For Your Home [Images]

Located in New York, the Hamptons in Long Island has long been characterised by a sophisticated yet laid-back beach feel. Hamptons-style kitchens are a fresh take on French Provincial and coastal styles and are ideally suited to the Australian way...

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Bare Pendant Lights

12 Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas | Add Character To Your Kitchen

Pendant lighting is essentially lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling and are usually suspended by metal rods, cords or chains. They can be made from a range of materials and in a kitchen and are one of the most...

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Kitchen Bench Designs - Clean

9 Kitchen Bench Designs That Would Look Awesome In Your Home

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. Whether cooking delicious meals, making snacks, or gathering for parties, it’s called “the heart of the home” for a reason (more…)

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Double Shower Screen

8 Unique & Beautiful Shower Screen Ideas For Your Bathroom

Considering a bathroom build or renovation? With those dreaded plastic shower curtains a thing of the past, shower screens are now an integral part of any bathroom. However, there are a range of factors to think about when purchasing. Is...

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Small Ensuite Layout 3

12 Small Ensuite Layouts, Designs & Ideas For Your Bathroom

Designing a functional yet stylish ensuite or bathroom when you have a limited area to work with can pose a range of challenges. These include freeing up floor space, building into awkward areas, allowing for storage, and lighting up windowless...

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European Laundry Designs Open

6 Gorgeous European Laundry Designs To Inspire You [Images]

European laundry designs can look absolutely gorgeous. Their cabinetry and appliances are usually hidden behind doors, or incorporated into other rooms like kitchens or bathrooms. (more…)

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Interior Colour Design

Interior Colour Design | How To Pick Awesome Colours [Guide]

Interior colour design speaks directly to our emotions, and is a powerful tool that can have a lasting impact, including for your bathroom. Have you ever wondered why you feel so tranquil when entering a beautifully neutral living space, or...

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Elegant Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchens | 5 Stunning Designs [Pictures]

Kitchens are often referred to as the hub of a home as they are warm, inviting spaces where family and friends congregate to share the details of their day, celebrate events and of course partake in the pleasure of eating—after...

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Scandy Bathroom

5 Stunning Contemporary Bathroom Designs

Bathroom trends are constantly changing along with their purpose. They are no longer just purely functional spaces for showering, bathing, and grooming. Contemporary bathrooms evoke a sense of pampering and are spaces to relax, as well as refresh the mind,...

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