What Colour Splashback Goes With A Grey Kitchen? [Images]

What Colour Splashback Goes With A Grey Kitchen? [Images]

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, and have fallen in love with the colour grey, you might be wondering what colour splashback works best. It’s not an easy decision—the splashback is a key element of the design that ties everything together, so you’ll want to make a good choice.

It may sound a little boring, but if you’re opting for a chic grey for your kitchen’s design, often the best colour splashback is….another shade of grey. Or white. This is because bright colours will usually spoil the minimalist effect that a grey kitchen creates. But if you’re not trying to achieve this effect, you can go as wild as you like with the colour!

In this article, we’ve provided a variety of splashback colour examples, so that you can see how some different shades look for different kitchens.

White tiles

White Tiles Kitchen

White porcelain tiles can look absolutely gorgeous with a light grey kitchen, as shown in the example above. They provide the necessary texture to keep things interesting and create a design that is light, airy, and a joy to look at.

The only downside to white tiles is that they show food spills more vividly, but on the flip side, grease doesn’t show up as much as darker shades.

Grey textured

Grey Textured Kitchen

There’s nothing wrong with having a grey splashback with a grey kitchen, provided it has a little texture to it. In the example above, a stone-like texture is woven throughout the splashback’s design, which makes it distinct from the surrounding cupboards, and brings a little nature into the kitchen. The gold handles on the cupboards add a much-needed accent colour to the design too.

Brown brick

Brown Brick Kitchen

Image from Decoholic

If you’d like to be a little bolder, brown brick can look stunning with a grey kitchen design. You can opt for natural brick (which is obviously more expensive), or a convincing brick tile to achieve a similar effect. The colour and busy texture of the brick makes it stand out from the rest of the kitchen, to create a country-like style that you might expect to find in a home far away from the city.

Dark blue

Dark Blue Kitchen

If you feel that grey or white is devastatingly boring, and you want to make your kitchen more exciting, a deep blue splashback can look awesome. It brings a cool, almost moody effect to the kitchen, and looks great when you have a similarly-coloured countertop as in the example above. This is the kind of design you might expect in an apartment complex filled with younger people.

Brown wood

Brown Wood Kitchen

There’s a reason that natural wood is so appealing—it looks stunning. In the example above, the brightness of the wood creates a vivid contrast with the dark grey cupboards and creates a natural, homely effect. As with the brick splashback, you don’t necessarily need to use natural wood, because there are plenty of wood-styled tiles that can look authentic. The bright-white oven and cooker hood are also a lovely touch.


Green Kitchen

Image from Harvey Jones

To achieve a super modern, contemporary look, you can opt for something bright and vivid like the green splashback above. If you enjoy this kind of highly contrasting aesthetic, you can pick pretty much any colour you like for your splashback—red, yellow, purple, bright blue, etc.

You probably wouldn’t call this design chic, but not everything has to be elegant or swanky. This kind of design may appeal to a much younger audience who prefer swathes of colour over monochromatic schemes.