7 Beautiful Bathroom Colour Schemes For Your Own Design

7 Beautiful Bathroom Colour Schemes For Your Own Design

Trends come and go, including in bathrooms, their design elements, and their colours. Combine that with popular design “rules”, including using the Colour Wheel, and deciding what might suit your new or renovated bathroom can be daunting. But the reality is there is no exact science to choosing the best bathroom colour schemes. And that’s the beauty of it! Here are some inspiring examples for your next bathroom project.

Bathroom Colour Schemes Earthy

This bathroom has a quintessentially “earthy” palette based on neutrals, predominantly seen in the matte grey walls and stark white tub. However, wonderfully soothing nature-inspired hues like brown, tan and dark, mossy green are introduced as pops of colour in the accessories and plant life. The palette pairs beautifully with the natural texture and colour of the timber flooring, whose linear lines are softened by the curves of the bath. This is simple design at its best, as the wall art not-so-subtly announces. We agree!

Bathroom Colour Schemes Tropical

Here we have another nature-inspired palette with a tropical twist that’s been amped up by enhanced textures with the subway tiles, rattan wall art and woven rug. Colour-wise, it’s a little more green-focused with the muted mint screen, mounted display art and the Monstera deliciosa greenery (the latter two are a decisive nod to this lover of all things botanical). The white tub and grey tiling further soften the look, as do the timber accents in the Scandi-look furniture. Oh, and that divine metallic free-standing tapware …sigh.

Bathroom Colour Schemes Neutral Tones

First up, we love the combo of neutral tones that create a wonderful backdrop to this bathroom’s obvious showstopper — its candy pink, personality-plus feature wall. Colours can have different effects on our feelings, moods and even behaviours. Pink is said to be a calming colour that is often associated with kindness and love, so bubbles in that bath are a no-brainer! Softness is heightened by the light-coloured timber cabinetry and a patterned rug that sits atop the large-format tiling. Pops of green plant life and a dark-hued wicker basket complete the look.

Bathroom Colour Schemes Bold

A super-bold yet simplistic colour palette is enhanced in this bathroom with several unique design twists. Let’s start with the unmistakable attention seeker — the marine blue feature wall. A colour that is as deep and inviting as the azure waters of the Mediterranean (or our own Great Barrier Reef, for that matter), it evokes an overwhelming sense of calmness and serenity. The neutral tones of the bath, floor, fluffy rug and bath-side table offer some relief from all that blue, and the black-edged light and mirror create a focal point (and mirrors help “open up” rooms as well).

Bathroom Colour Lighter Shades

Let the sunshine in — all year round! Unapologetic in its boldness, this feature wall is a kaleidoscope of positivity, from its lighter blonde shades to its hues of golden glory. White edging on the tiles makes the design pop even more, and we love the random nature of their placement that oozes individuality. The all-white nature of the rest of the room lets other design touches take centre stage, from the stunning tapware to the dramatic black-edged windows and impractical yet oh-so-edgy teeny-tiny stool.

Bathroom Colour Schemes Grey

Grey may have a reputation as a somewhat melancholy colour (although on the positive side, it also represents balance and neutrality); however, this bathroom design is anything but. It is neutral in an oh-so-sophisticated and serene way. The large format tiles create the illusion of space and are cleverly complemented by a darker grey splashback behind the vanity and shower niche. The pop of bonsai green and Scandi influences in the bath (and wow, what a bath) and vanity add some visual candy, and that vast floating curtain adds to this bathroom’s divineness.

Bathroom Colour Schemes Modern

OK, so the sleekness and uniformity of this bathroom may not be to everyone’s tastes, but if you love ultra-modern spaces, this design will woo you. The predominantly blush-pink palette exudes sophistication and artfulness, as does the marble-look sink top and flooring. And that tapware and gorgeous double sink combo! The feature lighting ups the ante on the drama, although the whites and greys add some softness to the whole look, acting as both a balance and a base. This is next-level modernistic mayhem!