12 Drop Dead Gorgeous Blue Bathroom Tile Designs

12 Drop Dead Gorgeous Blue Bathroom Tile Designs

Whether you’re renovating or about to embark on a bathroom build, the tiles you choose can have a significant impact on the final result. Shape, size, pattern, texture and placement can all play a part, however, one of the most important elements to consider is colour.

Colour psychology is a powerful interior design tool that takes into account the emotions associated with different colours. Colours can affect how we think, feel and act and can profoundly influence the atmosphere of a given space. The colour blue emotes feelings of calm, freshness, dependability, truth, trust and wisdom, and it is said to reduce blood pressure and slow the metabolism and heart rate. So a fantastic colour for a bathroom! Here are some inspirational blue bathroom tile designs.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 1

This is a serene example of how to use blue tiles in the bathroom to great effect. Light blue is particularly peaceful, tranquil and calming, with the contrasting, white grouting adding visual interest. Their size adds to the room’s aesthetics, and their vertical layout draws the eye upwards to create the illusion of space — a great solution if you are dealing with a small ensuite layout. They are positioned as a splashback and super-practical, catering to exuberant hand washers. These glossy tiles are also well complemented by the dark blue vanity, which adds a touch of luxury and drama to the room.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 2

This breathtaking space conjures up idyllic scenes of beachside bliss enhanced by a cloud-free sky, rolling azure-coloured waves and the smell and taste of salt in the air. Aside from being a divine bathroom setup with timber bench tops and perfectly partnered mirrors and basins, the tiles are the real hero here. In terms of shape, they are known as “penny rounds” — a great alternative to traditional square mosaics. They add flair, texture and a graphic 3-D effect, and their variegated bluey-turquoise palette superbly mirrors this room’s coastal ambience.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 3

There’s no mystery as to the scene-stealer in this bathroom. Drama exudes from multiple tile components, including their size and their pattern configuration. Known as chevron tiles, they are closely related to a herringbone pattern — with the ante amplified. This is achieved by placing each tile in a position that meets the sides of other tiles at a 30 or 45-degree angle. It creates a unique and angular layout and in this case, adds a stunning element. Using a vibrant shade of blue seals the deal on this “look at me” design. Sophisticated accessories (the lighting, the mirror, the countertop sink, the floating shelving … oh, and is that a heated towel rack?) turn us blue/green with envy.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 4

A beautiful example of another bathroom exuding an oh-so-tranquil vibe, predominantly due to the choice of tile colour. Fresh yet understated, their subtlety in tone is balanced with the drama of their number — we wouldn’t be surprised if the tiles span the entire width of the wall! These are subway tiles, a timeless classic seen in homes across the globe, with their fame dating back to the original walls on the underground stations of New York in the 1900s. They are the ultimate vintage icon creating a classic, minimalist look, although the contrasting grouting ensures they are anything but boring.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 5

This is another dramatic example of using large format tiles in a chevron pattern to create a tiled wall of art. Here they take up the entire bathing area (highlighting it as an area of most importance) and span the floor to the ceiling, adding to the illusion of space. This illusion is extended with a similar tone of paint on the wall above the sink, drawing the eye across the room. The colour, teal blue is again a relaxed tone, adding a marine/nature aesthetic. Combined with a beautiful shower screen and light-coloured timber furniture, floors and mirror edging, it most certainly gives off zen vibes.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 6

This particular shade of teal is taking bling to the next level, with an eye-popping combo colour, contrast with the grouting, and texture — it’s sooooooo glossy — we’d describe it is “slick”. Its shimmery surface reflects the light making the tiles almost sparkle, while everything else practically fades into the background and the matte large-format tiles assist with this. Although, that’s really the point, isn’t it? Contrasting grouting in pristine white enhances what is a super-refreshing look. Add a timber-look vanity, stylish countertop sink and tapware, and must-have robes and slippers, and you have a bathing oasis to sigh for.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 7

This bathroom is a fabulous combo of contemporary design features meeting traditional favourites. In terms of amazing blue bathroom tile designs, this is up there … purely because of the overload of blue! And baby blue, no less. Evoking feelings of healing, health, softness and tranquillity, these subway tiles also have same-colour grout and a floor-to-ceiling design, which offer a minimalist look and visually enlarge the room. Bespoke tapware, mirrored reflections, splashes of white and a marble-look floor add a luxurious touch. Oh, and we forgot to mention the claw foot bath with its silvery, shell-shaped feet. With this bathing beauty, who needs a shower?

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 8

What a fantastic kaleidoscope of chaotic colour! With a monochromatic colour scheme and a focus on tones of blue – from baby blue to midnight — randomly sprinkled confetti-like in between stark white tiles, this is certainly not an ordered tile layout. More like art-on-walls, it adds a unique touch to this otherwise traditional-looking bathroom. The diagonally-laid large format tiles on the floor also create a soft contrast both colour and pattern-wise. On a practical front, their size also means they have fewer grout lines, meaning they are easier to clean. Shaker-style cabinetry, a bidet, bespoke lighting, and a soaring linen cupboard complete this luxury pamper palace.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 9

The subtle shades of baby blue tiles add a soothing edge to this unique bathroom design that features a combination of shapes, colours and textures that are exhibited with random flair. But the big aesthetic win here is the use of multi-patterned tiles to create visual interest. From vertical and horizontal lines to mosaics and semi-solid patterns, their careful placement solidifies this wall as a feature, and white tiles on the adjacent wall offer some relief. We love the layering of the colours as well. It’s almost as if the designers are mimicking nature, starting from the earthy tones of the slab splashback and leading the eye up to a sky blue palette above. A bespoke timber vanity, cleverly positioned tapware, unique accents and a few spiky succulents complete this personality-plus space.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 10

With a vivid colour choice (and liberal use of it!), this bathroom uses a spectrum of tones from light blues to aquamarine. Radiating feelings of purity, relaxation and weightlessness, this is a bath lover’s nirvana — a book and bubbles in any form will complete what is sure to be a sensory experience. Large format rectangular tiles on the walls allow the strip of multi-coloured mosaics to pop, and white grouting ensures this expanse of blue is not overwhelming. This is cleverly mirrored in a smaller mosaic fashion on the bath. Reflective surfaces, an expansive vanity and clever lighting complete this visual delight.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 11

A simplistic take on a bathroom colourway, shower-wise this is still a two-tone delight with midnight blue, square mosaic tiles arranged in a chequerboard design and enhanced with white grouting creating a feeling of luxury and drama but also order. For a functional space, this can be a positive for those after a minimalist design, as blue can also represent cleanliness. The floor-to-ceiling configuration of the tiles in the shower opens up the space (although in terms of showers, this is pretty sizeable!) The stark white shower floor and walls adds contrast, and the hint of timbered colour on the floor softens the whole mood.

Blue Bathroom Tile Design 12

A glimmering oasis of blues and white tiles is certainly a feature in this bathroom, predominantly because of their volume and the diversity of layout, size and colour. The variegated patterning on the ocean-blue tiles adds softness, the white grouting offers some relief, and the thin, dark blue edge tiles ensure it’s not too overwhelming (although it is bold!). Large format, diagonally-placed tiles continue the theme, and the high gloss nature of them all, subtle lighting, and the bold white cabinetry and bath complete this light, bright and calming space.