Laundry storage ideas

Clever Laundry Storage Ideas For Your Home

Whether you’ve got the luxury of having a full-sized laundry, or you’re living in an apartment with a compact European-style laundry, knowing how to maximise storage space is key to making the laundry as functional as possible. (more…)

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Outdoor Living Areas - Back Deck

Transform Your Outdoor Living Areas With These Inspirational Ideas

Outdoor entertaining is a staple of Australian summer. Whether you want to have mates over for a barbecue, or host a relaxed family lunch on the back deck, creating the perfect outdoor living area is the key to making the...

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Coastal Kitchen Designs Beach Breakfast Bar

10 Coastal Kitchen Designs That Will Make Cleaning a Breeze

Whether you’ve just bought your dream seaside weekender, or you’re renovating an inner-city home and want to create a breezy, relaxed atmosphere, coastal kitchen designs are a great way to liven up your kitchen area. (more…)

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The Benefits of a Laundry Mud Room in Your Home

Ask any compulsive cleaner or organisation expert — the secret to keeping a neat and tidy house is to give everything a home of its own. Say hello to the laundry mud room, which can provide the perfect solution to...

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How To Decorate Your Bathroom With Plants

Whether you have a contemporary bathroom design or one that gives a nod to the past, many elements make up a beautiful bathroom. Besides the mandatories, styling can also make or break a bathroom’s appeal. And there is no better...

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Kitchen Benchtop Colours - White

A Guide To Kitchen Benchtop Colours

Most of us spend ample time in our kitchens, whether it’s to prepare meals or gather for celebrations as someone else cooks up a storm! That’s why kitchens are often referred to as “the heart of the home”. One of...

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Bathroom Colour Schemes Bold

7 Beautiful Bathroom Colour Schemes For Your Own Design

Trends come and go, including in bathrooms, their design elements, and their colours. Combine that with popular design “rules”, including using the Colour Wheel, and deciding what might suit your new or renovated bathroom can be daunting. But the reality...

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Blue Bathroom Tile Design 3

12 Drop Dead Gorgeous Blue Bathroom Tile Designs

Whether you’re renovating or about to embark on a bathroom build, the tiles you choose can have a significant impact on the final result. Shape, size, pattern, texture and placement can all play a part, however, one of the most...

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Double Sink Bathrooms 5

8 Gorgeous Double Sink Bathrooms To Copy

Double-sink bathrooms are all the rage these days. They’re loved by couples the world over because each person has their own dedicated space to get ready, without worrying about being disrupted. (more…)

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