8 Gorgeous Double Sink Bathrooms To Copy

8 Gorgeous Double Sink Bathrooms To Copy

Double-sink bathrooms are all the rage these days. They’re loved by couples the world over because each person has their own dedicated space to get ready, without worrying about being disrupted.

Here are 8 gorgeous double sink bathrooms to inspire your own design.

Double Sink Bathrooms 1

This bathroom uses gorgeous dark blue cabinetry to really make a statement, complete with classy bronze handles. It achieves perfect symmetry with the sinks, cabinetry, mirrors, and light bulbs, to create a true wow factor that would impress anyone who visits.

Two large circular mirrors draw the eye, and the large spherical bulbs add a touch of class to the room. The sinks are sunken, and the tapware subtle so as not to take away from the impact of the beautiful cabinetry.

Double Sink Bathrooms 2

This quirky bathroom uses a dark brown cabinet combined with a pattern behind the mirrors to create something interesting. The starkness of the cabinet contrasts highly with the top-mounted sinks and makes them stand out more, and the sideways taps are another unusual little touch that adds to the appeal of this awesome bathroom. The light brown floor also blends nicely with the overall colour scheme.

Double Sink Bathrooms 3

This almost-Scandinavian style bathroom uses bright wooden cabinetry and matching floors to create a warm and inviting feel. The two vertical mirrors add a sense of height to the room, and the dark green wall adds a nice contrast that is pleasing to the eye. The sinks themselves are round to match the shape of the mirrors, and the taps are dark silver which matches the borders of the mirrors. A lot of thought has gone into designing this bathroom, and it shows.

Double Sink Bathrooms 4

This traditional style bathroom uses plenty of blues and whites to achieve a clean, old-fashioned feel. There’s a charming row of blue statement tiles beneath the mirror with floral patterns, and matching blue diamond shapes as part of the tiles to complete the look. The sinks are classically sunken, and the tapware is short and squat with plenty of character.

Double Sink Bathrooms 5

This moody dark bathroom looks like it might belong to a bachelor, or in a super fancy hotel. The dark grey tiles extend from the floor to the ceiling, and the cabinetry, sinks, mirror, and other elements are understated to prevent too much from going on. The two square LED lights are a nice touch that almost makes the bathroom feel futuristic.

Double Sink Bathrooms 6

How’s this for minimalism! This gorgeous bathroom uses just three colours to achieve its look—textured turquoise blue, light brown for the cabinetry and other wooden elements, and white for the tiles, walls, and bath. The result is spectacular, and intensified by the sink area’s perfect symmetry.

Double Sink Bathrooms 7

You don’t see too many bathrooms like this! The white hexagon-shaped tiles extend about half-way up the wall to create an innovative and impressive effect. They even cover parts of the mirrors. The cabinetry is a rich brown composed of eight drawers, and atop them are two matte black, low-set sinks that match the bathtub. This bathroom oozes class, and feels like it might belong in the home of a tech leader.

Double Sink Bathrooms 8

This ultra-contemporary bathroom uses a combination of greys to create a slick and suave feel. The flooring is textured concrete, the walls a mixture of dark tiles and paint, and the sink area a simple floating block made of marble and coloured wood. Everything falls within the same grey colour palette to align with the effect, and while some may find this a little boring, we think it’s super cool.