Hamptons Style Bathroom

7 Tips For A Hamptons Style Bathroom

Spacious, airy and elegant, a Hamptons style bathroom creates the perfect, spa-like oasis in your home. The Hamptons aesthetic, which originated in the summer homes of wealthy New Yorkers, has become popular in Australia due to its casual elegance, suggestive...

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luxury bathroom styling

5 Luxury Bathroom Styling Tips

If there's a room in the home that deserves an extra touch of luxury, it's the bathroom. A clean, minimalist bathroom design is a classic, timeless canvas for bathroom styling. Here are five expert tips to help you create an...

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Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Top 5 Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Our Favourite Minimalist Kitchen Ideas A minimalist kitchen offers a clean, serene and practical space for cooking and eating. Renovating your kitchen to embrace minimalist elegance is one of the best ways to increase your kitchen’s appeal to potential home...

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Kitchen Styling Tips

5 Amazing Kitchen Styling Tips

Whether we’re socialising, relaxing, eating, or snacking, the kitchen is where we naturally gravitate. So it makes sense to ensure your kitchen is exceptionally stylish. But a lot of people are apprehensive: surely stylish kitchens are out of reach? Our...

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Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Top 5 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

What do you think of when you imagine a minimalist bathroom design? Do you visualise sleek lines and understated elegance? Do you picture a clean, serene bathroom that maximises practical use of space, while using soothing, neutral colours? Do you...

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5 Clever Ways to Take Care of your Bathroom Tiles

5 Clever Ways to Take Care of Your Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms are almost exclusively tiled. What else would work better? Tiles look great, they’re waterproof, and they are some of the toughest flooring materials we know of. But that doesn’t mean they’re completely immune to everything the bathroom has to...

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Laundry Room Decorating Ideas For Your Home

The laundry is an important room in any home. In terms of design, though, they always seem to be overlooked. Sure, the laundry isn’t associated with all the glamour of a kitchen or dining room. That doesn’t mean your laundry...

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Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Top 10 Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Scandinavian designs are among some of the world’s most renowned. They offer the clean lines and light feel that few other kitchen designs do. If you successfully cultivate Scandinavian décor in your kitchen, it will feel twice the size! But...

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Walk-In Robe Ideas

Walk-In Robe Ideas To Inspire Your Renovation

Walk-in robes are a desirable addition for a home-—who wouldn’t want a neat, organised room filled with their clothes, where they can quickly try on outfits to find the perfect look? (more…)

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