8 Unique & Beautiful Shower Screen Ideas For Your Bathroom

8 Unique & Beautiful Shower Screen Ideas For Your Bathroom

Considering a bathroom build or renovation? With those dreaded plastic shower curtains a thing of the past, shower screens are now an integral part of any bathroom. However, there are a range of factors to think about when purchasing. Is your main priority functionality or ease of access? Or are design and aesthetics key to your styling strategies?

One top of this, there are also practical considerations, including your budget, the space and size of your bathroom, how much maintenance will be involved, and the quality of the materials, particularly the glass, which should meet Australian standards.

So whether your preference is for a contemporary or traditional bathroom, here are eight stylish shower screen design ideas.

Frameless Shower Screen

Image from Elle Decor

Now this is a homeowner who truly loves their showers. It’s a divine example of how frameless shower screens offer a sleek, modern and minimalist look, and in this example, allows that stunning marbled wall to be showcased to perfection. Its huge double-height design is encased in massive glass panels that feature simple, silver hardware that enhance the illusion of space (as if it needs it!) Combined with its double rain showers and marbled dry-off seat, this is the height of bathroom luxury.

Semi Frameless Shower Screen

If your shower is going to have a frame, why not make it pop? This semi-frameless shower screen features matt black edging that adds definition and a modern edge and highlights this bathroom’s geometry. Matching black tapware is coordinated and adds impact and streamlined style, and the marble-look tiling is subtle yet sophisticated. The walk-in design is also an open invitation for relaxation, luring its owners to sink into a deep sunken bath after a tiring day.

Pivot Door Shower Screen

Frameless shower screens are a sleek and minimalistic alternative to fully framed shower screens. Here, this bathroom features a simple, but modern design with a pivot door and glass panels supported by minimum hardware. The modern matt black tap ware breaks up the neutral palette, and a frameless version is a great no-fuss choice for this smallish-bathroom, creating the illusion of space and an open, airy vibe. No frames also means minimal cleaning as there are no areas for nasty grime and soap scum to hide!

Quadrant Shower Screen

This is a wonderful example of what is known as a “quadrant” shower screen. They are designed to fit neatly into the corner of smaller bathrooms, and here, adds a visually creative twist to what is a predominantly neutral palette. It is also frameless, with a more traditional pivot door, and its clean, simple lines allow the marble-look tiles on the walls and flooring to take centre stage. Modern tap ware and a cleverly positioned shower niche complete the look.

Image from Bradnam’s

This double shower adds a hint of luxury to a bathroom that combines both modern and traditional styling with the shaker-style cabinetry and marbled tiling. The ideal choice for loved-up couples or families with children, the shower screen is a frameless design with a pivot door that really opens up the space. Contemporary hardware, a huge shower niche (ideal for those who love their bathing products), and cleverly positioned windows enhance this bathroom’s contemporary look.

Walk In Shower Screen

Image from These Three Rooms

Walk-in shower screens are common in modern bathrooms and their open, sleek, minimalist aesthetic is highly sought after in contemporary designs. This example features a framed glass panel that separates the shower from the drying area, and includes a pivotal panel that can be opened when it’s time to towel-dry. Its matt black edges tie back with the unique towel rack and shower head, and beautiful marbled tiling and chequerboard-style flooring add visual interest.

Walk In Crittall Shower Screen

Image from Love Renovate

This is another gorgeous example of a walk-in shower that features a unique single-panel shower screen that is known as a “crittall” style. This refers to the panelled format of the glass, and in this example, evident in its squared, matte black detailing. The shower also features a grey flush shower tray, beautiful brass tap ware and rain shower head, and a rustic pink wall finish. Although it is a relatively narrow space, the colour palette helps this bathroom seem roomy, and the eclectic tiles ensure it has personality plus!

Subtle Semi Frame Shower

Image from Better Homes & Gardens

This walk-in shower features a sophisticated semi-framed shower screen that is so subtle in design that there appears to be no screen at all. What a wonderful way to create a spacious bathing oasis. Floor-to-ceiling subway tiles enhance its light, airy ambience, and the vivid blue flooring ensures this bathroom is anything but boring. And who doesn’t love a bathroom bench seat? This example allows the bather to perform their leg-shaving, feet-sloughing necessities in stylish comfort.