9 Kitchen Bench Designs That Would Look Awesome In Your Home

9 Kitchen Bench Designs That Would Look Awesome In Your Home

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. Whether cooking delicious meals, making snacks, or gathering for parties, it’s called “the heart of the home” for a reason

Kitchen designs are usually determined by the shape of the room, and the benches can vary from classic islands to quirky L-shapes, with countertops and cupboards that are commonly light-coloured but can be as bold as you like.

Here are nine kitchen bench designs that we love, to give you a little inspiration for your new kitchen design.

Kitchen Bench Designs - Clean

Clean and simple—a perfect design to match the gorgeous timber flooring in this kitchen. The kitchen bench is plain white with small grey speckles, and the chrome built-in oven and dishwasher match the sink perfectly, to create a delightfully coherent design. The metal cupboard handles are also polished chrome, which ties everything together beautifully.

Kitchen Bench Designs - Open

This open and airy Scandinavian-style kitchen exudes calm. It uses just three colours—white, soft-brown, and green—which work together to create a gorgeously inviting space that would be a joy to cook in. The parallel kitchen benches are soft brown wood, with the rear bench spanning the width of the kitchen to provide plenty of space. There’s also plenty of space for two or three breakfast benches.

Kitchen Bench Designs - Classic

This classic kitchen bench combines white and dark blue to create a stark, drama-creating contrast. The blue is repeated in the grooved splashback, and when the cinnamon-coloured flooring is thrown in, the effect is awesome.

The kitchen bench also features simple wood panelling, which creates additional artistic interest and adds personality.

Kitchen Bench Designs - Character

Talk about character! This kitchen and bench have a variety of cool features that make it stand out—the textured silver/blue panel on the underside of the bench, the (somewhat) matching splashback, and the built-in fridge to name a few. The bench and drawers also include indented panelling to add even more personality to this quirky space. This is surely the place where people end up gathering for parties.

Kitchen Bench Designs - Farmstyle

This farm style kitchen is absolutely charming. It combined washed-out brown hues with white benchtops and cupboards, to create a warm and inviting space. The bench is nice and big, with plenty of space for eating breakfast and sipping your morning coffee. The pendants work beautifully too, with geometric shapes that match the wood-panelled ceiling.

Kitchen Bench Designs - Contemporary

You don’t see many kitchens like this, which makes it all the more impressive when you encounter one. It uses bold Aegean blues, cream-coloured wood, and silver to create a vibrant and artistic style. The deep bench has cupboard space on both sides and includes a shelf for further decorations. It’s a wonderful example of contemporary kitchen design.

Kitchen Bench Designs - Pentagon

How’s this for a kitchen bench island design? This kitchen has an unconventional pentagon-shaped bench where people can gather to nibble, drink, and chat the evening away. It features a speckled-white countertop, brushed-brown cabinets with built-in appliances, and three cool pendants that add character.

Kitchen Bench Designs - Textured

Most people opt for a simple countertop style, but this homeowner decided to be a little bolder and go for a highly-textured version, which looks beautiful against the plain white cupboards and splashback. This kitchen bench is a big one, easily accommodating five seats for breakfast and oodles of cupboard space.

Kitchen Bench Designs - Soft

Another warm and modern kitchen that uses soft browns to create a homey feel, combined with black to create a sleek and edgy space. The kitchen bench is a basic black design that curved around the perimeter of the room and includes a slick built-in cooktop.