6 Gorgeous European Laundry Designs To Inspire You [Images]

6 Gorgeous European Laundry Designs To Inspire You [Images]

European laundry designs can look absolutely gorgeous. Their cabinetry and appliances are usually hidden behind doors, or incorporated into other rooms like kitchens or bathrooms.

This is often the only option given the size of some European homes! And although many of us have the luxury of a dedicated laundry room, some of the clever space-saving design features of European laundries are becoming increasingly popular here in Australia, with a definitive focus on aesthetics as well.

Here are six gorgeous European laundry designs that will inspire your home renovation.

European Laundry Designs Traditional

With a nod to traditional European style laundry design ideas, here, cabinetry is easily accessible but there is the option of hiding it discreetly behind folding doors. A major benefit of these doors is the reduction of noise from appliances, but it also allows for ample storage that doesn’t intrude on the design elements of the rest of the home. Although, we have to say, it’s not exactly intrusive! The colour scheme is subtle and blends seamlessly with the adjoining room. Timber-look tiling and a touch of baby blue enhance the bright, airy space, and plenty of light ensures laundering can be done within a minimalistic but functional environment.

European Laundry Designs Stylish

Image from Pinterest

Again, folding doors add a discrete element to this laundry design. Compact yet stylish, its aesthetics are enhanced with the use of stylish tapware and appliances. We adore the black washing machine which adds a contemporary twist, and the silver, grey and white palette that adds visual interest. A handy sink allows for the handwashing of delicates, and the easy-to-access dryer and plenty of storage up top is a great use of vertical space. A few woven baskets and a pretty potted plant will ensure doing laundry is no longer a chore!

European Laundry Designs Space Saving

Image from Airtasker

This clever little nook is the epitome of space-saving ingenuity. The slatted cabinetry is fresh and modern and the handle-less top cupboards ensure the design remains streamlined and elegant. The addition of timber elements introduces a rustic edge as does the brass tapware and in-built sink. Clever shelving allows for the display of potted greenery and offers handy hanging space. And of course, then there’s the marble-look splashback. Adding colour and texture, it’s a superb visual highlight. In one word … divine.

European Laundry Designs Functional

Image from Tidbits

In terms of the use of space, this is a vertical masterpiece! The stacked appliances make the washing and drying process effortless, and open shelving allows ample room for hangers and other laundry essentials. Wall hooks and wider shelving for laundry baskets provide additional functionality, and the marble-look splashback has a beautiful symmetry with the overall colour palette. Rustic design elements like the wicker baskets and bench seat (which doubles as a handy stepping stool for the harder-to-reach shelves) soften the look.

European Laundry Designs Open

Image from Houzz

Forget squirrelling away the laundry in some darkened corner, this design stands proudly independent, and functionally, is a multi-tasking statement, allowing the owners to pop on a load while they cook dinner in an adjoining room! A neutral palette of white and grey lets the beautiful tiling pop, and the “shaker” style cabinetry adds a traditional vibe. A side-by-side washer and dryer, handy sink, ceiling-hung drying rack and ample storage space makes the whole laundering process a breeze. And what a lovely green outlook for completing what many of us consider a mundane task.

OK, so not a traditional European laundry design (it’s huge!). If you can afford the space, why not amp up the aesthetics? This open-plan design is neat and ordered and definitely makes a statement with its contemporary cabinetry, bench-top sink and retro-look subway tiling. Storage-wise, there are multiple options – a vertical cupboard, large handle-free drawers and cupboards up top that act as focal points for display pieces. Wall-mounted hooks allow for drip-dry options, the easy-clean floor tiling no-fuss maintenance, and the colour scheme of white, black and pops of blonde timber enhance this super-stylish design.