Large Bathroom Renovation In Brisbane

Posted: July 24, 2016

Finally decided to renovate your old, run down bathroom? Sick of the sight of peeling paint? Despise that vintage green bathtub?

The time has finally come and you are planning the long-awaited bathroom renovation for your Brisbane home. It is an exciting time but have you put the necessary thought into the overall grand plan of what’s to be included? Consider the following:

Options are endless if you have the space

The big advantage you have is space. Having a large bathroom really opens up possibilities to design the bathroom of your dreams.

  • Shower – You can add that ‘WOW’ factor by including his and hers shower heads or you can make it ‘OH WOW’ by incorporating a unique glass-free shower. For this option to work, it is best if your shower area is no smaller than 5×7 feet.
  • Bath tub – Homeowners are becoming more aware of how little they are actually using their bath tub which is why more focus is being placed in the showers nowadays. This doesn’t mean you should forgo the bath tub entirely though, particularly if you have the space to go big. A deep bath, freestanding or fixed, gives the allure of relaxation and luxury!
  • Countertop & vanity – You have so many choices of countertop, from stone to laminate and even glass. Your vanity has the power to be a feature piece in your bathroom renovation. Is it modern with straight edges or rich and classic with dark wood? The basin adds an important dimension to the overall design and should not be chosen lightly. For a more modern look, install double basins if your countertop is long enough.
  • Storage – Storage is vital and is one thing you will regret overlooking. Whether you incorporate it into the vanity or have open built-in shelves or cupboards, it is a must-have for every bathroom overhaul.
  • Toilet – Are you opting for a bathroom / toilet combination or a separate toilet room? This is a personal preference that offers both pros and cons but if you are combining the two then it is ideal to design your bathroom so the toilet is hidden. This offers style, functionality and privacy in one.

Make an impact with the ‘little’ things

The little things make a big impact and your bathroom is no exception. The following ideas will help turn your bathroom from just ‘nice’ to extravagant.

  • Wall length mirror – If you are fortunate enough to have a full wall length countertop, match it with an equally long mirror. This adds depth to the room and makes it appear even larger!
  • Lighting – Ever struggled with applying makeup in uneven lighting, or cut yourself shaving due to poor visibility? Spot lights, makeup lights or strategic lamps can help make your busy mornings easier, as well as giving the room a brighter more open feel.
  • Towel rails – Every bathroom has them but for those cooler seasons, add heated towel rails. This will make those cold winter mornings more comfortable. They are also energy efficient so your electricity bill will not go through the roof.
  • Fittings – Your fittings should match everything you have chosen for your bathroom. Your door handles and tap wear can be anything from basic to modern or classic to elegant. If you want to opt for a more minimalist option, soft close drawers are perfect because they require no handles.

A complete bathroom renovation in Brisbane is the best way to inject style into your deteriorating bathroom. It will allow you to revitalise and design the room just the way you want it.

Want a flexible and tailored option for your bathroom renovation in Brisbane? Get in touch with the team at All Bathroom Gear about taking your bathroom from drab to fab!