Stylish Bathtub Designs For Your Bathroom

Stylish Bathtub Designs For Your Bathroom

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, or just want to change it up a little, a bathtub is a great way to introduce a little luxury. Whether your bathroom is an oasis of relaxation, or bustling with activity from morning until night, a stylish bathtub can upscale your bathroom and add value to your property.

There are a lot of beautiful bathtub designs and styles, with a tub to match every style and need. This can make it overwhelming to choose, so in this article, we’ll explore the most common bathtub design styles, so you find the perfect fit for your bathroom. 

Alcove bathtub design

Alcove Bathtub

Image from Home Stratosphere

The alcove bathtub is the most popular design for families. It’s surrounded by wall on three sides, creating an alcove that looks stylish, and feels cozy. 

Typically white in colour, this bathtub design is perfect for those with young kids. It’s usually shallow enough to be kind on mum and dad’s backs while scrubbing faces and washing hair, but can also be enjoyed by older family members. Alcove bathtubs can be made from porcelain-enamelled steel, acrylic, cast-iron or stone resin—while all are sturdy materials, porcelain-enamelled steel and acrylic tend to be the most popular, due to price1. Alcove bathtubs are a great way to save on space in smaller bathrooms, as shower-heads can be installed above the bath, giving the option of a long relaxing bath, or a quick shower before work.

Sunken bathtub design

Sunken Bathtub

Image from Reddit

Sunken bathtub designs are a stylish, modern and luxurious choice, where the traditional bathtub structure is eliminated2. Sunken bathtub designs are dropped into the floor, so only the rim or less is exposed, making a seamless transition from floor to tub. They can also be built up, so the tub is still surrounded on all four sides, and accessed by steps. 

The flow from floor to bathtub looks beautiful and contemporary, particularly if the floor tiles reach the edge of the bath. Sunken bathtub designs can be made deeper than average baths, which makes bathing a relaxing, all-encompassing experience. 

Whirlpool bathtub design

Whirlpool Bathtub

Image from Residence Style

Whirlpool bathtub designs are great for larger bathrooms, and those wanting to incorporate bathing into their physical health or therapy regimen3. Whirlpool jets expel water in circular motions, creating a bubbling whirlpool of water which massages and relaxes the bather. While there is a little extra cleaning to consider, whirlpool bathtubs are great relievers of stress, sore joints and muscles, and can increase blood circulation4. They can also be big enough for two, and act as a hot tub substitute in your bathroom.

Freestanding bathtub design

Freestanding Tubs

Image from Onekin Design

Freestanding bathtubs are stylish, elegant, and ooze luxury. Usually deeper than regular tubs, a freestanding bathtub can have extra features such as the classic clawed-feet tub, or have a more streamlined finish. More easily installed than built-in tubs, these versatile bathtubs come in a range of different materials and styles, and are an easy way to tie your bathroom design together5. 

You can place the bathtub in the centre of the room as a focal point, or closer to the walls so that it blends with the room. Either way, these bathtubs are great for soaking unwinding in the comfort of your home.

Bathtub designs might not be your only consideration when renovating a bathroom, but if you (or your family) are someone who enjoys elegant relaxation, or soaking your muscles, a tub is a great investment. The added finishes of bathtubs, such as taps, feet, tiles, jets and shower-heads, are an easy way to add touches of style to your bathroom. Whether you are focusing on durability or luxury, these four stylish bathtub designs are a great place to start, so that you can find the ideal bathtub design for your home.  


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