Why Faucet Strommen’s Tapware is Such High Quality

Why Faucet Strommen’s Tapware is Such High Quality

There are hundreds of bathroom fitting manufacturers selling products in Australia, and the quality varies from supplier to supplier, with Faucet Strommen standing out as one of the finest. The company’s intriguing origins, and its continued commitment to design and quality place it leagues ahead of the mass-produced products that flood hardware and plumbing stores. 

We’ve narrowed down their quality to five different areas—here’s what makes Faucet Strommen’s tapware such high quality.

Architectural compatibility

Architectural compatibility is something that many manufacturers fail to consider, evident in mass-produced products. Harsh angles and non-durable finishes are commonplace among cheaper types of tapware, which presents a real barrier to your interior design. Architecture and interior design demand detail, and that includes everything from the shape of a house, to its internal fittings. 

If you spend time and money on a luxury bathroom, you need to carry that through to every last corner—inside and out. Faucet Strommen have recognised that, and recruited design specialists into their production process. The result is a unique product that fits seamlessly into designer bathrooms of all eras.

Finest Quality Brass Products

Faucet Strommen Products are constructed from the highest quality brasses which are rich in copper. The quality of the brass used and the thick wall construction makes for the most impeccably produced tapware and fittings available. The quality of the base used allows for a comprehensive special finish offering meaning style and finish choices needn’t be compromised. You can now dream free!

Australia has stringent requirements for brasses used in tapware such as the lead content. Faucet Strommen not only meets, but well exceeds all testing requirements meaning the crafted products off the line are safe for you and our environment.

Stainless Steel Strength

Faucet Strommen Products are built “from the inside out” meaning aspects such as function, durability and ease of installation are the first on the agenda of their engineers. With this approach, you know you are getting the best and your plumbers will thank you for it. Thick gauge, high quality stainless steel mount plates and solid brass bodies allow for the most solid mount and product longevity. Faucet Strommen invests huge resources into the hidden “underneath of the skin” parts of its fittings; time proves the difference.  

Engineered with expert input

Faucet Strommen products owe both their strength and design to the expert input that has gone into their construction. From shape and finish, to materials and assembly, Faucet Strommen know when it’s time to get an expert opinion. Rather than looking for the cheapest production method, their multidisciplinary team of manufacturers has looked at what’s missing from most other models, and addressed it. 

It hasn’t ended there, either. There is ongoing research pouring into Faucet Strommen products, and that reveals itself in the visually and practically timeless qualities of their tapware.

Made in Australia

Finally, Faucet Strommen tapware is made in Australia, according to Australian standards, and following Australia regulations. That means its manufacturers don’t cut corners. Both the design studio, and engineering division of Faucet Strommen are located at its factory in Kerang, which is where the production process takes place. It is responsive to the Australian market, and local or domestic feedback finds its way back to the factory with ease, where it can be implemented in future designs. 

Some of that feedback includes areas such as water efficiency, which in the driest country in the world, is a big deal. Faucet Strommen’s tapware is among the best for water efficiency, which makes it perfect for Australian households.