5 Luxury Bathroom Styling Tips

5 Luxury Bathroom Styling Tips

If there’s a room in the home that deserves an extra touch of luxury, it’s the bathroom. A clean, minimalist bathroom design is a classic, timeless canvas for bathroom styling. Here are five expert tips to help you create an effortlessly luxe atmosphere with your bathroom styling.

Tip #1: Clear the clutter with stylish storage

In a luxurious bathroom, clearing the clutter is essential for creating a sense of calm. For a seamless, uncluttered look, opt for floating glass or granite shelves, bespoke boxes and sleek, mirrored cabinets to make your bathroom feel practical yet beautiful. In the shower, add a shower recess for a tidy, elegant and practical way to keep your favourite shower products within easy reach.

If you have space between your vanity, add a slatted timber bench to create understated, minimalist storage. If your bathroom has a ‘dead zone’ nook or cranny, put in shelves in the same finish as the mirror and vanity to create an indoor closet.

Tip #2: Light up the space

Not only is lighting absolutely essential in the bathroom, it’s the perfect way to create inviting and spacious area. A pendant light can create a stunning design statement, while LED strip lighting beneath a wall-hung vanity will add instant glam and practicality. Remember to keep symmetry and balance in mind when designing your bathroom lighting. A bathroom vanity should have wall lights placed at eye level on each side of the mirror.

Tip #3: Choose textures

Playing with texture can instantly create a sense of luxury. A stylish rug or printed designer floor rug is the easiest way to instantly transform your space. Consider adding a non-slip shag rug, bamboo mat, handwoven jute rug, kilim or Oriental floor rug to introduce playful texture and soften the appearance of your bathroom tiles. Roll your bath towels, tie them with ribbons or twine, and place them on display to create the luxe atmosphere of a five-star spa resort.

Tip #4: Embrace greenery

Bring a sense of vibrancy and life into the space with plants. Think lush greenery that thrives in high humidity, such as a classic spider plant, bamboo plant or even an aloe vera plant. Add a hanging Devil’s Ivy by the window or add a beautiful Orchid or peace lily to your vanity.

Tip #5: Accessorise strategically

Beautiful accessories can make your bathroom space feel more luxe. To elevate the look of your bathroom, keep your styling clean, simple and well-balanced, using exquisite details to make a statement. Here are some suggestions to help you create an atmosphere of elegance and refinement:

  • Create a stylish display on your bathroom vanity and shelves – Think delicate porcelain dishes, elegant silver trays and beautiful, organic timber bowls. Fill these with quality, handmade and natural products, such as pieces of coral, hand soaps with beautiful scents, hand creams with stylish packaging, and flowers.
  • Pay attention to balance – Style items in groups of odd numbers (3, 5 or 7) to create visual balance. Play with the height and scale of items, contrasting taller pieces with shorter.
  • Add finishing touches to maximise practicality – Add decorative hooks for draping bathrobes and towels and a bamboo or wicker basket for guest towels.

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