Top 5 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Top 5 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

What do you think of when you imagine a minimalist bathroom design? Do you visualise sleek lines and understated elegance? Do you picture a clean, serene bathroom that maximises practical use of space, while using soothing, neutral colours? Do you think of a clean and bright bathroom soaked in natural light?

Renovating your bathroom is one of the best ways to boost your home’s value and minimalist bathrooms are perpetually in style. Here are our ideas minimalist bathroom ideas, including minimalist bathroom essentials and organisation ideas to help you organise your space.

Our Favourite Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Minimalist Bathroom Idea #1: Minimalist Vanity

For a luxury minimalist bathroom, choose a sleek minimalist vanity with a large, frameless mirror to reflect natural light. A luminous, clear, tinted or frosted glass basin can add instant class. A minimalist bathroom sink works beautifully with warm white LED strip lighting. Choose modern sensor taps in silver or chrome for superior germ control and hygiene. Add indoor plants for a touch of natural serenity.

Minimalist Bathroom Idea #2: Minimalist Shower

One of our favourite minimalist bathroom ideas is a large, rectangular shower sealed with seamless glass panels. This stylish style of shower adds an instant wow factor to your minimalist bathroom. Install a glass wall and use large, soft grey tiles on the floor, trailing them up your shower walls to create a gorgeous, seamless look. For extra practicality, try adding a timber seat to mimic the look of a sauna.

Minimalist Bathroom Idea #3: Minimalist Bathroom Tile

For a minimalist look, choose minimalist tiles in soft, clean shades such as soft whites, dove grey, dark ashy blue (almost charcoal), and soft blue. Ideally, all the colours in your minimalist bathroom should harmonise. One option is to choose a single colour, then feature shades of that colour throughout your bathroom to add depth.

Here are more specific ideas for minimalist bathroom tiles:

  • A stark black tile to make the space feel luxe and elegant, anchor elements of your minimalist bathroom and highlight the features of choice
  • Large hexagon tiles to bring an airy sophistication to your bathroom
  • Brickworks tiles with a subtle rustic texture to give your space depth and character without breaking from the minimal aesthetic
  • Moroccan Zellige tiles in a soft tone like blue-grey or greige for instant sophistication
  • Earth tone tiles in grey, black, beige, slate or muted blue to create an earthy, calming effect

Minimalist Bathroom Idea #4: Minimalist Bathroom Storage

Maximise practical use of your space with minimalist bathroom storage. Choose a large vanity that embraces sleek lines or install a set of open shelves for understated elegance. Open wall space in a bathroom is prime real estate. Invest in baskets or bins to hide unsightly products. Opt for a wall-mounted cabinet if you have minimal floor space.

Minimalist Bathroom Idea #5: Modern Bathroom Tub

There are many different styles of modern bathtubs that would be perfect for a minimalist bathroom. A sunken tub is one of the best ways to bring luxury to your minimalist space. If you prefer a more traditional style, opt for a freestanding tub and either pl2ace it against a wall or in the centre of your minimalist bathroom to create a focal point.

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