6 Useful Tips For Choosing A Shower Head

6 Useful Tips For Choosing A Shower Head

Everyone is familiar with the frustration of a dribbling showerhead. When you need water to come out, the pressure is low and unsatisfying. And when you need it to stop coming out, it simply refuses to comply.

If that’s sounding all too familiar to you, chances are you’re in for a new shower head. But bathroom gear comes in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Often, that makes for a difficult choice.

Luckily, we are bringing some of our expertise to the table with this list of tips for choosing a shower head!

Choosing between high flow and low flow shower heads: what’s the difference?

High flow and low flow: what’s the difference? Chances are, this is the first question you’ll ask yourself as you peruse one of many bathroom catalogues in your search for the perfect shower head. Of course, it seems clear: one has a higher flow than the other. But there is a catch. Flow doesn’t always mean volume, as it would in other circumstances. Instead, flow means pressure. Essentially, a lot of high flow shower heads deliver the same volume of water, just at a higher pressure. Some people like that in a shower, while others prefer more gently cascading water. The choice is yours! Often, high flow is the choice for wall mounted shower heads, while low flow is the go for ceiling mounted shower heads.

Are you opting for a DIY installation? Choose shower heads that are easy to install

Most shower heads on the market will be pretty easy to install. But that’s still not something you should take for granted. If you have a knack for DIY, you may wish to fit your new shower head yourself. And while that’s a great way to save money, don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of shower heads. Some are quite tricky to install, and others are suitable only for certain plumbing configurations. If in doubt, always ask expert plumbing advice.

Should you choose something fancy? Here’s what you need to know about specialist shower heads

As bathroom technology improves, so too does the breadth of shower head designs. We are starting to see a wide range of exciting new shower head styles, and they look fantastic. But how do you know what is hype, and what is in it for the long haul? The first step to assessing speciality shower heads is research. Ask the experts, and read the reviews to work out if people have been reporting any issues. Then think about practicality: is the appeal of a speciality shower head going to remain in two to five years? Speciality shower heads are a little more expensive than standard fittings, so it’s important to choose for the long term!

Handheld shower heads are great, but are they the right choice for you? We think so!

Handheld shower heads have been the source of some disagreement over the years; some people like them, and some don’t. But we think that handheld showerheads, when done right, are pretty hard to beat. When you’re choosing handheld showerheads, it’s important to look at the fittings linking the head to the plumbing. That is often where you can tell the better models. Look for strong links and flexible hose connections. These will ensure that your handheld showerhead lives up to its name and remains for years to come.

When you’re choosing a new shower head, it’s important to consider where it’ll be mounted

Different showers are serviced by different plumbing outlets: some are on the ceiling, and others are on the wall. Wall mounted shower heads are by far the most common, so finding fittings for them is easy. Ceiling mounted shower heads are a little less common, but they’re still quite easy to locate. The important thing is not to get them confused; the two aren’t interchangeable!

If you’re undertaking a full renovation, choosing a shower head is easy: here’s why

You might think of full bathroom renovations are long and arduous. But, believe it or not, they can make your choices a lot easier. If you’re redoing the plumbing anyway, then you can choose whatever shower head you want! It’s simply a matter of adjusting your plumbing to suit. So if you’ve got your heart set on a ceiling mounted shower head, why not get your plumbing altered to accommodate one?

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