Inspirational Kitchen Design Ideas

Inspirational Kitchen Design Ideas

When it comes to getting the most out of your new home build or renovation, kitchens are the place to start. Kitchens are often the first thing you see when you step into a home, and they’re normally where family and friends end up congregating when they come over. After all, food is what brings so many of us together! 

But kitchens aren’t necessarily easy to design. They serve a very specific purpose, and they need to be practical, otherwise they simply won’t hold their appeal. That means kitchen design ideas need to balance aesthetic appeal, with practical and pragmatic features. Sounds like a challenge? Not if you have the right help! Here are some up-and-coming kitchen design ideas to inspire your next project.

Is white still right for your kitchen design?

White Kitchen

Image from Elle Decor

White represents all that is safe in terms of interior design. But it doesn’t always stand out from the crowd, and if you’re prepared to brave a home renovation, you’ll want your new kitchen design to dazzle. So, let’s take a look at how you can master the white kitchen with a twist. 

The most important aspect of white kitchen design is contrast. If you have a white splash-back, add a dark focal point in front to accentuate the clean white palate. As with the kitchen in the image above, it could be dark crockery on an exposed shelf, or it could even be something as subtle as dark handles on your drawers. As you can see, it attracts your vision and breaks up the white shades, without being overpowering.

Short on space? Here’s a kitchen design ideas to stretch your space, but not your budget

Small Kitchen Ideas (from

Image from Idealhome

If you’re more of an urban dweller, space may be at a premium in your apartment. Don’t worry though, there’s no shortage of kitchen design ideas for you! When it comes to eye-catching small kitchen designs, storage is king. You need your storage to be performing at its peak so that your kitchen is not overpowered by clutter, and the best way to do this is by being creative with cabinets. Team up with an experienced designer to figure out how you can put every inch of space in your kitchen to work. The good thing about cabinets is that they come in a variety of configurations to suit all budgets, so no matter what you have to work with, you can still design the kitchen of your dreams.

Minimalism still works

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Image from

Minimalism came onto the design scene like a whirlwind, but has declined in popularity. Our favourite minimalism-inspired kitchen design ideas adopt the mindset of simplicity and focus on two things: sharp lines, and clean palates. As you can see, those principles have allowed the kitchen above to shine as a centrepiece, despite its small size. The sharpness of the angular bench alcove combines with the kitchen’s clean white palate to give the impression of space and functionality.

Homely kitchen design ideas are gaining popularity

Red Brick Homely Kitchen Design

Image from Homely

Homely kitchen design ideas are perfectly suited to modern renovations. More natural materials, like the red bricks seen in the photo above, lend themselves perfectly to the sort of homely atmosphere you want in your kitchen. Natural light and natural materials combine to develop a homely ambience, which contributes to a comfortable and inviting feeling in your kitchen. You can top off your homely kitchen design with timber accents, as well, such as the cutting board and drawer handles in the kitchen above. If you’re already dealing with red bricks and timber floors, it’s important not to overpower the kitchen space with timber cabinets and bench tops. But that doesn’t mean a few timber focal points can’t enter the mix as well!