Kitchen Renovation Ideas On A Budget

Kitchen Renovation Ideas On A Budget

Kitchen renovations: almost everyone wants one. And chances are, those who don’t want one have already had one! So what makes kitchen renovations so popular? Well, there are a number of factors. First, there’s practicality. Dated kitchens are often harder to work with, and less reliable. In a kitchen, those are not good traits. Second, there’s looks. Kitchens are a bit of a focal point in every home.

Whenever you’re entertaining, or just spending time with the family, things always seem to end up in the kitchen. Needless to say, you’ll want to it looking good! If that’s the case, why doesn’t everyone renovate? Well, cost is always a consideration. Luckily, though, we’ve got a few great kitchen renovation ideas to suit homeowners on every budget!

Budget flooring: it’s a cheap, good looking, durable idea, and it’ll transform your kitchen renovation

All good renovations start from the ground up. But flooring is often the foundation of a fat bill when your renovation is complete. Fortunately, flooring materials are getting better. They’re also getting cheaper! In the
past, if you wanted a beautiful timber finish you had to fork out for solid hardwood floors. That’s not cheap. But now, you can emulate those beautiful textures with vinyl. Timber look tiles are a fraction of the cost, and are the one of the most durable flooring products available. In terms of budget kitchen renovation ideas, tile flooring is a leader.

Paint: the key to budget kitchen renovation ideas is knowing when to repair and when to replace

Most people who want kitchen renovations cite one reason: the kitchen is looking tired. Often, though, they’re just tired of looking at the kitchen. In reality, renovations don’t need to involve sledgehammers or a complete demolition. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of giving yourself a fresh perspective. And what better way to do so than with paint! Repainting your kitchen is a great way to fall in love with it all over again. Better still, it’s a small proportion of the cost of a full renovation, add a stunning glass splashback and all of a sudden you have a kitchen straight out of “The Block”! Repainting is definitely worth some thought – it’s a great budget kitchen renovation idea!

Low-cost lighting: cast a new light on your kitchen with these nifty renovation ideas

Paint isn’t the only way to remodel your kitchen. Lighting has a similar effect. Think about it like this: lighting dictates how you see everything. With some careful placement, and strategic selections, you can cast an entirely
new light on your kitchen in every sense of the word! Change out tried tapware with shiny new taps for LED light to bounce off and Bling’s Your Uncle! So get creative with your attention to detail – you may come up with some excellent budget kitchen renovation ideas of your own!

Choosing cheap cabinetry: combine budget and quality with these renovation ideas

If your layout is not the problem, you don’t necessarily need to demolish and start again, simply choose a finish and order new doors, our cabinet maker will have them done in a jiffy at a quarter of the price of replacement. If the cabinet doors are still current and you want to update then just replace the tops with stone or new polymarble surface, once again for a third of the price. Shiny new tapware will always brighten a tired kitchen, there is a myriad of economical, quality taps in the market place, just call into our showroom and we will show you!

The best budget kitchen renovation ideas will come to life if you team up with an expert

All Bathroom Gear is a “Full Service” Builder and Retailer, so if you are a DIY inclined, we can help you with your selection of product, making sure your; layouts, set outs and fit out will not only fit in your space but will be functional. We know the trade secrets of where you can save money and where you should spend money. Part of our job is to save people from themselves in the decision making process and keeping them within their
budget. If you are time poor and just want to make your selections and then get on with your life and come home one day in few weeks to your vision executed and your expectations exceeded then we are your builders! Just call for an appointment for us to come out and measure up, grab some details and then let us do all the work for you.

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