Bathroom Renovations for a Small Space

Bathroom Renovations for a Small Space

A limited space never should be limited in style. In this article the team at All Bathroom Gear look at how to approach bathroom renovations for small spaces. The word renovation to some people conjures up ideas of walls being knocked down, inconvenience and mess but this really does not have to be the case. Your bathroom should be a space you can relax and unwind and in order to do that you need a space that works.

In a small space you need to carefully plan what it is exactly that you need storage wise. Having somewhere to stow away all of you spare toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products will make a huge difference to the feel of your space.

Don’t be afraid to use colour in a small bathroom but keep it to a minimum, one accent colour ideally saved for accessories, the beauty of this is that if you want a change it is cheap and easy to have different sets of bath towels and little accessories such as candles and soap dispensers that you can swap around. Neutral colours on the walls will create the feeling of openness.

Large tiles work better in small bathrooms creating width if you have them fitted horizontally and height when fitted vertically. Simple white glossy tiles will bounce light around the room, and to add some personal style to your room, there are many decorative boarders or mosaics available.

The use of mirrors will create depth and will also help bounce light around the room; with a small space it is advisable to choose very similar fittings to create a coherent streamlined look, things such as taps, door handles, light fittings and switches will all impact the final overall impression and should never be over looked, in a small space fixtures are even more important.

Our award winning team at All Bathroom Gear have helped many Brisbane clients achieve their dream bathroom renovations, small spaces can still make a statement with careful consideration of planning, vanities, utilities and finishes.

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