Tile Talk #1: Tips to choose tiles for the bathroom

Tile Talk #1: Tips to choose tiles for the bathroom

The colour and style of the tiles that you choose is one of the easiest ways of making an impact in the bathroom. But with so many choices on the market of how to choose tiles for the bathroom it’s not always an easy task. The right option will take into consideration durability, cost and maintenance requirement. The team at All Bathroom Gear share some important considerations in our latest blog post. 


There’s a choice to go big and bold or smaller and intricate. Very large tiles will generally need a larger space to look their best. They will also have less grout which is the area between the tiles which can become dirty affecting their appearance. Small and intricate designs


All tiles have the potential to become slippery, however some have different glazed finishes which make them less slippery when wet.


Is the surface chip or stain resistant? Porcelain tiles that are full bodied are the same colour right through, making any chips and cracks less noticeable. Polished porcelain tiles also do not require sealing.


This is the big question for tile shoppers. Ceramic tiles are the cheapest option and offer good durability and are available in countless different colours, shapes and styles. Porcelain tiles are slightly more expensive and reflect more light from their surface. Glass, stone and marble tiles are at the top end of the range and help to create a designer touch in the bathroom. Stone works well for contemporary spaces but require careful installation and glass mosaic tiles are effective in bringing an art deco feel to the room.

Why Tile?

The beauty of tiles is that all different styles, shapes, colours and sizes can be mixed and matched to create a feature wall, focal point or unique pattern. This makes the options to personalise a bathroom design using tiles almost endless.

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