Bathroom Design Trends to Look For in 2017!

Bathroom Design Trends to Look For in 2017!

Interior design moves fast. So fast, in fact, that you might struggle to keep up. Don’t worry though – you’re not alone! Walk into anyone’s home and you can pinpoint its age, almost to the year, by looking at the bathroom. Bathrooms have long been the room in which bold homeowners have tried and tested the latest and greatest designs. So what’s holding you back from the latest bathroom design trends? There are a lot of reasons to get into the latest bathroom design trends.

A new bathroom can increase the comfort and livability of your home. It can also increase your energy efficiency and even add value to your house! But where do you even start? That’s where we come into it. We have compiled a list of the latest bathroom design trends to look for in 2017. So have a read and think about what you might like in your bathroom – let your designer aspirations run wild!

Design meets utility: it’s all about storage!

Does your current bathroom feel a bit pokey and tight? Does it always seem to be overflowing with a tide of things that you just can’t control? If so, read on! Our first bathroom design trend touches on the golden rule of design: never compromise on function! Sure, some things might look great, but if they don’t work well there is just no point spending your money on them. When it comes to abiding by this rule, storage is the perfect place to start.

Bathroom storage is all about creativity and utility. There are a lot of things you will need to store in your bathroom, from linen and towels to toiletries and cleaning products. The key to bathroom storage is identifying ‘dead space.’ This is space that just doesn’t seem to get a look in. It might be at the foot of your bath, or even above your sink. In any case, you should be looking to turn dead space into storage space. So ask an expert what their storage solutions are. With a bit of inventiveness and a few inquiries, you might find the perfect one for your bathroom!

Dark shades are trending, but white never goes out of style

If you enjoy home design shows on TV, or are an avid reader of lifestyle magazines, you’ve probably noticed a rise in dark colours. When it comes to interior design, dark and matte shades are unavoidable. And there is a good reason for this: they look great! Far be it from us to deny the undeniable. But what are also undeniably timeless are white shades. White colours are the bread and butter of bathroom designs and there are a few bathroom design trends that reflect this.

For example, the classic white tub is a centrepiece of many bathrooms and other white fixtures complement it well. One of the accompaniments to white tubs or vanities is a white tiled wall. White subway style tiles are an absolutely timeless addition to your bathroom. While other bathroom design trends come and go, the white tile will stand steadfast. So don’t be afraid to stick to the tried and true!

Floating vanities offer so many benefits!

When it comes to the latest bathroom design trends, minimalist looks are gaining traction. The understated elegance of a sparse, yet well-appointed bathroom is hard to match! This bathroom design trend is particularly popular in apartments or smaller homes, where space is at a bit of a premium. But how do you do it? One thing that is almost always a certain success is a floating vanity.

Floating vanities allow you to really maximise your floor space. They fit in well with the minimalist aesthetic that is so popular at the moment too! With fewer drawers and handles, you can really play into the understated ambience that fits with minimalism so well. And you get the feeling of space and cleanliness – it’s a win win! But the benefits don’t stop there. Floating vanities are a little more customisable than their fixed counterparts. You can actually have the height of your vanity adjusted to improve your comfort. No more bending down to wash your hands!

Heated towel rails: comfort with purpose

Here’s a bathroom design trend that many people overlook: heated towel rails. But why on earth would you need them? Well, there are actually a few reasons and they might surprise you. The first reason is the most important: mould protection. Do you, like many homeowners, face the problem of the towel that never dries? In some cases, the absence of natural light or the presence of humidity can seriously impede your towel’s ability to dry. And we know how infuriating that can be because damp towels are like mould factories! But with a heated towel rail, your towel will dry quickly, regardless of the conditions. And the best bit – you get a toasty warm towel for those cold winter mornings!

Creative lighting solutions are coming into the spotlight!

Technology has improved so much over the years that even something as simple as a light bulb has been reinvented! And with this reinvention, homeowners are no longer settling for suboptimal lighting solutions. We have had a taste of great lighting and we will not look back! So don’t settle for anything less than the best in your bathroom. Get creative and work with the experts in bathroom design trends to get your lighting solutions up to scratch. There are LED solutions, fluorescent lighting and much more. You can get them with dimmers if you favour some gentle lighting in the bath, or you can dial them up to bright if you prefer a shining white gleam! The choice is entirely yours and it is not a choice you should gloss over.

Your lighting will add to the ambience and utility of your bathroom in ways you probably won’t realise. One way to maximise the effect of your lighting is through placement. For example, placing an LED downlight directly above your mirror will give you fantastic lighting right where you need it! With a bit of extra thought and some expert help, your lighting options are endless!

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