Don’t Make These 5 Bathroom Design Mistakes

Don’t Make These 5 Bathroom Design Mistakes

As exciting as a bathroom renovation project is, if things are not properly planned there is the potential for many things to go wrong.

Hiring one contractor who specialise in bathroom renovations with their own team of tradesmen and project manager is the essential part of a successful bathroom renovation, but before the first tiles are laid, equal thought should be given to the design of the space.

This is where homeowners can make common bathroom design mistakes and once completed, can be tricky or expensive to change. All Bathroom Gear can provide all the advice and guidance you need to help you with your next bathroom remodelling project, and to avoid costly design mistakes, be wary of making these 5 common bathroom design mistakes.

1.Toilet placement

Too many renovators place the toilet in a less than ideal location. The toilet should not be the first thing that people see when they open the door. When the bathroom door is open avoid lines of sight between any toilets and other rooms.

Others will try to conceal the toilet so much that it is wedged between walls and cabinets making it difficult for taller or larger adults to access.

2. Trying to fit too much in the bathroom

Some renovators have eyes bigger than their bathroom space. Available space is essential in a bathroom to make it easy to navigate and move around in. This might mean that you’ll have to sacrifice that bathtub, but could mean you can have a larger shower.

If space permits, go for your life, but cramming too much into a bathroom, or fixtures and fittings which are not matched to the size of the room is a mistake that we continue to see in bathroom designs.

3. Lack of storage

One of the biggest bathroom design mistakes is lack of storage space for every member of the family. There are plenty of smart storage options available for all sizes of bathrooms so there shouldn’t be an excuse not to provide enough storage for your next bathroom renovation. Having pigeon holes for pedestal sinks look great but unlike a vanity do not come with storage, so if you are going for this option make sure there is sufficient other storage. Plan storage especially for what you’d love to store and display in your bathroom including towels, toiletries, and other accessories.

Make use of any cavity in a partition wall by fitting a recessed mirrored wall cabinet with concealed power for chargeable items such as toothbrushes to help de-clutter benchtops.

Niches in showers are great for shampoos etc.

4. Lack of light or ventilation

For a bathroom to be an inviting space it should be well lit and have good ventilation. Do whatever is possible to bring light into the space by increasing the window size, or adding high windows above the shower to let more light in, but still keep privacy. Exhaust fans should be used to extract odours and steam.

If the bathroom is windowless and adding a window is not possible, a light colour scheme should be used to help open up the space, as well as air vents and exhaust fans.

5. Favouring looks over functionality

A great bathroom design is not just all about looks, but should also be focused around how the space will be used. Where will the towels be hung? Is the shower easy to access? Don’t get obsessed with trends and forget about classic designs that will always be appreciated. This will also benefit the home’s resale value too.

Always seek advice from the professionals before embarking on your bathroom remodelling project. Our team at All Bathroom Gear can provide all design services as well as structural, plumbing, electrical, tiling, painting and product advice to ensure you don’t make these common mistakes and your new bathroom is a design and functional success.

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