Adding a Second Bathroom to Your Home

Adding a Second Bathroom to Your Home

The bathroom is widely considered one of the best areas of the home where renovators can make a solid return on investment.

When done correctly a bathroom renovation will add significant value to the home and well-appointed bathrooms with modern fitting are always appreciated by buyers. But there’s only one thing that’s better than one bathroom and that’s multiple bathrooms. Some buyers won’t even look at real estate listings with just one bathroom, so if you’re planning on selling in the not too distant future, adding a second bathroom puts your home on the radar of a significant number of people who are ready to buy.

Also for a multi person household, it can be quite frustrating only having one bathroom, so apart from the value it will add, it will also add significant convenience, especially in the mornings as everyone is in a mad rush for the day ahead.

All Bathroom Gear will coordinate all the trades necessary for adding a second bathroom to your home and depending on your floor plan we can advise on your options on where to add a second bathroom in your home in line with your needs and budget. We explain more below…

Finding the Right Space

There are several options for your second bathroom and it all depends on your existing floor plan. If it can be put in an area where there is existing plumbing and drainage this will save you considerably. Some options include converting spare bedrooms or studies. For large master bedrooms an ensuite can be added by reducing the room size. If you’re lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe this can be the perfect solution for an ensuite.

Many people choose to use some of their double garage for a smaller bathroom but for those looking to add another large bathroom, it might make the most sense to make a modest extension outwards where there is existing plumbing to save using existing floor space.

Converting the Laundry

If you have a dedicated laundry room this can be the most popular and affordable area of the home to make into a second bathroom. It might mean you can still keep your laundry fittings, space permitting, or there may be other options relocate laundry equipment under the house, in a laundry cupboard or in the garage.

Half Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

For those who want many of the benefits of a second bathroom without the full cost, a half bathroom or powder room (toilet and basin only) might be a perfect compromise. Because these are small they can be accommodated into many areas. Under the stairs is a popular option in multi storey homes, even a large storage closest can be made into a half bathroom. An empty corner in an entrance foyer or living area could also be begging for better use as a half bath.

All Bathroom Gear have the expertise to advise on ALL your options when it comes to adding a second bathroom to your home based on your floor plan, needs, and budget.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for advice on adding a second bathroom in your Brisbane home on (07) 3391 8628.