Add A Touch Of Greenery To Your Bathroom

Add A Touch Of Greenery To Your Bathroom


Have you thought about going green in your bathroom? As well as water and energy efficient fixtures and fittings, there’s another way to go green in your bathroom and spice up an area of the home that’s often left sterile and underutilised. While people don’t typically spend long periods of time in this room of the home, you can make the space a more appealing place to be with the help of well-placed accessories and lively indoor plants. and lively greenery can work wonders in brightening up a room in the house which is often left sterile and underutilised. In today’s article the Brisbane bathroom beautifiers at All Bathroom Gear share how you can add greenery to give your bathroom a much needed facelift.

Will plants actually survive in a bathroom?

Many bathrooms have low light and a high level of humidity which makes many plants not suitable for this environment. The good news though, is that there are many hardy plants that actually thrive in this humid space. Best yet, plants in bathrooms can actually assist in keeping the air in the room cleaner and fresher and can soften the design aspects.

Okay, so what plants actually thrive in a bathroom setting?

Depending on the size of your window will depend on which plants will grow well in bathrooms. As a general rule, the larger window the better the plants will be likely to grow. Here are some varieties of plants that have been shown to grow well in bathrooms.

Aloe Vera – This succulent looks great against while tiles and needs very little water
Bamboo – Suited to Japanese and oriental themed bathrooms, this is a hardy and low maintenance plant that is said to bring luck
Ferns – Many varieties of ferns will do well in bathrooms, however ferns will need regular watering
Bromeliads – These exotic plants native to South America and are known for growing well indoors, especially in bathrooms.
Chain of Hearts – Best displayed in hanging form, these decorative heart shaped leaves work well in more spacious bathrooms.

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