Tips for designing a safe bathroom

Tips for designing a safe bathroom

Bathrooms are statistically the most dangerous room in the house. It makes sense when you think about all the hard surfaces which can quickly become slippery when water is involved. This makes safety an important design consideration when it comes to planning your next bathroom renovation. We share some of safety features to incorporate in your next bathroom in our latest post.


Grab Bars

Even if you consider yourself fit, limber and mobile, having a grab bar in bath or shower is an important safety concern. These not only help to hoist you out of the bath, but can provide something to hold onto should you slip.

Grab bars have had a bad reputation as being ugly but the new styles and new materials available mean that you don’t need to settle for the traditional hospital style options.

You also don’t have to be elderly or have limited mobility to be glad you have grab bars. Depending where they are placed, grab bars can also double as additional towel racks. As well as grab bars there may even be room to build a sit down bench in the shower recess.

Anti-Slip Surfaces

Bathtubs with anti-slip features in the coating also provide protection and are a good idea for bathtub and shower combinations where people will stand up in the tub. Another safety measure is to use the many non-slip textured tiles that are available on the market.


The electrical design of your bathroom is another important consideration when building a safe bathroom since we’ve all heard about the dangers of water and electricity. Placement of electrical outlets should be considered, and there are some restrictions with wall lights near bathtubs, however new LED lighting is able to combat this.

Water temperature is another important consideration as a thermostat that is not set properly can cause water to become scalding hot. A pressure balancing valve can also reduce fluctuations in pressure when other people in the house turn water on.

Here at All Bathroom Gear our team are skilled at designing stunning bathrooms that don’t compromise safety when it comes to their functionality.

If there are specific safety and mobility requirements don’t hesitate to speak to use and we can outline the options available to you and have these incorporated into your final design.

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