7 Tips For A Hamptons Style Bathroom

7 Tips For A Hamptons Style Bathroom

Spacious, airy and elegant, a Hamptons style bathroom creates the perfect, spa-like oasis in your home. The Hamptons aesthetic, which originated in the summer homes of wealthy New Yorkers, has become popular in Australia due to its casual elegance, suggestive of a relaxed and serene beach lifestyle. 

Here are 7 tips to create the Hampton style bathroom of your dreams. 

Defining Hamptons Style

The key features of the Hamptons style are: 

  • Lots of light
  • A calming space
  • Accents of timber, woven cane, ceramic and stone
  • Timber cladding (painted white)
  • Wooden or stone benchtops
  • Shaker style cabinetry

To master the Hamptons look, remember to use white as your colour base and choose your detailed elements carefully. 

Tip 1: Choose A Light And Airy Colour Palette

Elegant, comfortable and inviting, the essential colour palette for a Hampton-style bathroom consists of soft blues and sea greens. Pair these ocean colours with clean, warm whites, soft stone greys and sandy beiges. Neutral colours should be clear and slightly warm. 

Tip 2: Look For Classic Hampton-Style Vanity and Cabinets

When it comes to cabinetry for your Hampton style bathroom, look for a bathroom vanity and cabinets in classic white, navy, light blue or light grey. If you have a small bathroom, a floating vanity is a great way to give the illusion of more space and keep the overall vibe of the bathroom clean and light. 

For effortless Hamptons style, look for shaker style cabinets that feature a solid marble vanity top and doors fitted with chrome, nickel-plated or shell cup pull handles. 

Tip 3: Select Elegant Tapware

Your choice of tapware can define whether your bathroom will take a modern or more traditional approach to the Hamptons style aesthetic. For a more traditional Hampton look, opt for ornate, traditional tapware with a chrome or brushed nickel finish. For a contemporary Hampton style bathroom, choose clean, modern tapware with a chrome or matte black finish. 

Tip 4: Embrace Tile Patterns

Tiles make for a stunning statement piece in a Hamptons style bathroom. Consider laying marble tiles in a herringbone, hexagonal or basket weave pattern to create visual interest and texture on the shower floor, shower walls, backsplash or along the main walls of the bathroom. Keep the colours restrained with whites, light blues and neutrals. 

Tip 5: Choose A Bathtub That Adds Timeless Elegance

To add a sense of timeless elegance, add a spacious, free-standing bathtub with vintage claw-feet and sheer linen curtains. This will help create a romantic, soothing atmosphere. 

Tip 6: Opt For Stylish Lighting

For soft illumination, hang pendant lights or mount sconce lighting on either side of the mirror or on the mirror itself. For extra glamour and a touch of luxury, a striking glass chandelier will make a powerful statement. If you’re looking to open up the space with plenty of natural light, fit large windows with plantation shutters in crisp white to keep the vibe coastal but sophisticated. 

Tip 7: Add A Touch of Nature

Bring a natural aesthetic into your Hamptons style bathroom with a ceramic or glass vase of flowers, soft cotton bathroom towels, and a simple cotton and jute rug. Display cane baskets on open shelves

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