5 Clever Ways to Take Care of Your Bathroom Tiles

5 Clever Ways to Take Care of Your Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms are almost exclusively tiled. What else would work better? Tiles look great, they’re waterproof, and they are some of the toughest flooring materials we know of. But that doesn’t mean they’re completely immune to everything the bathroom has to throw at them. Constant water, steam, and soap scum create the perfect environment for grime to flourish. And once it takes hold, getting rid of it is hard work. As they say, though, it’s better to work smarter than harder. So let’s take a look at these clever ways to take care of your bathroom tiles.

Cleaning bathroom tiles is so much easier if you do it frequently – here’s why

Bathroom tiles don’t get grimy overnight. It mightn’t seem like it, but it takes a fair while for bathroom tiles to reach a truly scummy and grimy state. That only happens when layers of soap and water are left to take hold. Every time you use your shower, the tiles around it are coated in a fine layer of water and soap, as well as other light grime. Getting rid of those fine layers is easy if you do so frequently. In fact, it’s usually just a matter of using a light cleaning product to wipe down the tiled surfaces of your bathroom. There’s no hard scrubbing or harsh chemicals required. So do yourself a favour and clean your bathroom at least once a week. Make sure that all tiles receive some love, and each one will love you right back!

Mould is the worst enemy of bathroom tiles – allowing your bathroom to dry completely will stop it

Of course, it’s all well and good to clean regularly, but we all lead busy lives. At some point, the bathroom tiles will come second to our other commitments, and mould will pounce. It can take hold quickly, and it’s as stubborn as they come; mould is the bathroom tile’s worst enemy. Getting rid of mould will require some tough scrubbing with more heavy-duty products. As a result, it’s something to avoid. Luckily, there’s a very passive way you can avoid mould. Simply open your bathroom up when you’re finished in the shower. That will allow all the water to dry off. And without water, mould is far less likely to take hold.

When it’s time for a full bathroom tile clean, make sure you work from top to bottom!

When the day comes for a full bathroom tile clean – and for many of us, it will – there are some tips to make it easier. The first may seem obvious, but it often catches the unsuspecting: work from top to bottom. Working from top to bottom is the best way to make sure you don’t soil your freshly cleaned tiles with the runoff from tiles above them. When you clean a tile, all the grime it produces will run down the wall. That means you’ll have to wash it off all over again if you work from bottom to top.

If you’re working with heavy-duty bathroom tile cleaners, make sure you apply them evenly

Heavy-duty cleaning products work exceptionally well. One thing that makes their effectiveness very obvious is uneven application. Uneven application can leave your tiles slightly discoloured. The reason is simple: if a tile has more cleaning product on one half, that half will be cleaned more heavily. As a result, it is likely to be brighter on one half. And believe us, there’s nothing more frustrating!

Bathroom tiles need a good scrub every now and then, but here’s how to take care of the grout

We have mentioned scrubbing a few times, so it’s important that we throw in a little disclaimer. Scrubbing tiles is often necessary, but look out for grout! Grout is porous and much softer than tiles. If you scrub it too hard, it may deteriorate.

Our advice: get some professional help when your bathroom needs a complete clean. As the Brisbane bathroom experts, we stock a whole range of Aqua Seal products to help you clean the mould and grout in your bathroom tiles. Here is another useful link, which talks about the different ways to get rid of grout & mould.

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