3 Of The Best Laundry Designs Out There

3 Of The Best Laundry Designs Out There

If you’re renovating your home, you can be forgiven for overlooking the laundry. It isn’t a room that gets a great deal of attention, despite it being a place we constantly visit to re-wash our clothes.

Your laundry can look just as beautiful as the rest of your home, and in this article, we’ll share some of the best laundry designs out there, to lend you a little inspiration.

Simple and elegant

Emily Henderson Mountain Fixer Laundry Room

Image from Emily Henderson

If you’re after small laundry design ideas, look no further. This single-wall laundry design has an excellent use of space, with the two main appliances stacked on top of each other, and easily accessible. There’s plenty of storage space for towels, detergent, and other household items, and even a clothes hanger for keeping the creases out of freshly ironed shirts. This design might belong to a young power couple, who like their house to be as simple, straightforward, and minimal as possible, allowing them to focus on work.


As with most laundry designs, a simple white colour palette is used, with an accent brown used for the lower wooden cupboards. Textures used throughout the design are also simple—straight ascending lines for the cupboards and panels, geometric tiles, and stone-like patterns across the back wall. This helps to create a natural-looking laundry, and oozes elegance.

Quirky and cool

Stefani Stein Portfolio Interiors

Image from Elle Decor

This quirky laundry design uses a range of different textures—classy timber flooring, a combination of Iberian and star-patterned tiles, and an oriental rug that’s a little faded, so that it doesn’t become the centrepiece of the room. Around six colours are used in total—white as the primary colour, a combination of brown as the secondary colours (the paneltop, flooring, and cupboard handles), and blue and grey as the accent colours (the tiles). This follows the 60-30-10 design rule, and as a result, looks gorgeous. This laundry would fit beautifully in a home close to a beach, reflective of its stimulating colour palette and Spanish design elements.


Storage space is plentiful, with lots of space for towels and other bits. The only downside is that the higher cupboards are difficult to access, so should be used for items that are rarely needed.

Bold and geometric

Organised Laundry Designs

Image from The Organised Housewife

This laundry uses bold geometric shapes on its back wall, which catch the eye and give the room a certain edge. To prevent the room’s design from becoming overwhelming, simple flat colours are used elsewhere, with a light grey texture for the paneltop. The colour scheme is straightforward—glossy whites, greys, blacks, with greens and faded oranges for the accent colours.

One cool aspect to this design is the opaque cupboards above the appliances. The towels, bottles, and bags inside the cupboard appear a little faded, adding just the right amount of visual noise to the room without it becoming too busy, and giving the room extra character.

There’s plenty of storage space in this laundry, with everything easily accessible. This design might be suited to a large family who needs lots of towels and other bathroom-related products, who can quickly fetch them when they need.