5 Stunning Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Your Home

5 Stunning Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Your Home

Is it time to bring your home into the new age of design? If it is, then you might feel like you will have your work cut out for you. And that may be true. But there is one space that shouldn’t be too challenging: the bathroom! With the right help from the right experts, you can have your bathroom looking at its best with ease! The best part: it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! But where do you even start? The toilet is old, the vanity is cracking and the shower is another story altogether.

It’s important to take your bathroom one step at a time. The plumbing is all in place, so you know where everything will go. You just need to know what to put there! And that is where our list can help. We have collected a few of the best bathroom renovation ideas available. We have taken a look at the trends that are gaining popularity. From them, we have distilled the very best of the best! These bathroom renovation ideas combine low costs, with great looks – how could it get any better?

#1 Floating vanities: space efficient and stunning

Is your bathroom a little on the small side? If it is, you are not alone. Apartment living is becoming one of the most common forms of living. Of course, this means that urban space is becoming a little more compact to say the least! But is that going to hold back your bathroom renovation ideas? Not with some clever lateral thinking it won’t! Modern bathroom design is increasingly shifting towards practicality. Where opulent fittings and fixtures were once the focus, sleek stainless steel and space efficient cupboards now stand. They look great, and they work just as well as they look!

With this shift towards practicality, we have seen a rise in floating vanities. What are they you ask? It’s simple: floating vanities are mounted against the wall and they do not extend all the way to the ground. This leaves space underneath your vanity. Better still, you can tailor its height. This means that you can have your vanity at a comfortable height, sink and all, and you get to choose how much space is beneath it!

#2 When it comes to bathroom renovation ideas, subway tiles are leading the field!

Remember the tiny little square tiles that dominated the bathrooms of the eighties and nineties? If you’re like many apartment and homeowners, they are still dominating your bathroom today! So what better reason to renovate it? And the best bathroom renovation ideas have to include subway tiles. Subway tiles offer innumerable benefits over their far smaller counterparts. Among other things, they look excellent and are easy to clean. With less grout exposed to the damp of your bathroom, subway tiles foster far less mould. And, you can fit floor to ceiling subway tiles to combine a classic London look with a sleek modern finish. The results are always impressive.

#3 Bathroom on a budget? Try a freestanding bath!

Are you trying to renovate your bathroom on a tight budget? If you are, we have a great idea for you. In fact, our idea suits budding bathroom builders on any budget! We are talking, of course, about freestanding bathtubs. Much like the tiny tiles of old, many built in bathtubs belong to a different time. They can be space inefficient and expensive to install. Freestanding bathtubs, on the other hand, are manoeuvrable and far cheaper to install. They also have a very distinguished look. Sometimes referred to as claw-foot tubs, these bathtubs suit classic bathroom renovations, modern bathroom renovations, and a combination of the two! They truly are one of the more diverse bathroom renovation ideas.

#4 Going for the modern shower look? Frameless screens are a great bathroom renovation idea

Thinking of new bathroom renovation ideas? Here’s an easy one: lose the shower curtain! Shower curtains should be the first things to go as a part of your bathroom renovation. They have a few notable shortcomings, which include a propensity to grow mould. Shower curtains rarely dry properly and as a result, mould just loves to grab onto them. And although there are some nice shower curtain designs getting around, they are admittedly few and far between. So why take the chance? Play it safe and go for a shower screen.

They may be a little more expensive, but we guarantee that they will pay off. So how do you choose one? There are lots of shower screens on the market and they come in a wide range of designs. This is where you get to play around with your personal preferences a little bit, so go wild! We always try and opt for the frameless screens, as they offer a unrivalled sleek and modern finish. But there are some beautifully framed ones too – the choice is yours! Get down to your local bathroom supplies store and ask around. No doubt the experts will be able to hook you up with the perfect options. The best part: they are easy to clean!

#5 It’s all about the little things: revamp your lighting a see the great effect!

So we have covered some pretty big-ticket items in this list – bathtubs, screens, tiles and more. But what about the little things? After all, the devil is in the detail. Well, when it comes to the finer points, we have noticed that a lot of people overlook bathroom lighting. Sure, bathrooms are normally more focused on the plumbing than electrical fittings, but you would be surprised at the difference they make.

A bathroom with good lighting is truly wondrous. You may think that is an overstatement, but chances are you haven’t seen many perfectly lit bathrooms! When the lighting has the perfect angle and the bulbs have the perfect brightness, all the stars seem to truly align. And the practical benefits are great too! Firstly, you can get ready with greater ease. Morning rituals often depend on good lighting, even in the bathroom. Another great thing about a well-lit bathroom is the ease with which you can clean it. When the lighting is right, you can spot those little patches of mould that would otherwise stay hidden away.

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