Why leave bathroom renovations to the pros?

Why leave bathroom renovations to the pros?

Here at All Bathroom Gear, we have built a strong reputation as being the best in the business at what we do.  This reputation was just given to us – it was built on the backs of extremely talented design and building team.  With years of training and countless hours of experience amongst them, the team knows and understands the ins and outs of every single element of the build.  In today’s blog post, we have taken some advice from our team to put together a list of the top 5 reasons DIY renovators should leave their bathroom renovations Brisbane to the professionals.

Costly Errors

One of the most common mistakes that inexperienced DIY’ers do is that they rush into the build without a clearly laid out plan stating the specifics of what will be done.  There’s an old builders saying that states ‘Measure twice, cut once.’  This saying is especially true in renovations, as any small error can end up costing a significant amount to fix.

Meeting Building Regulations

It is very hard for a DIY renovator to personally ensure that they have met all of the government building codes and regulations.  Failure to do so can often require the entire renovation to be stripped down and rebuilt.

Build Quality

This is an area where DIY’ers often get it wrong.  Sure, they might know how to use a hammer and they may have watched the latest season of The Block.  However they must be 100% confident in their skills to avoid owning a half-finished bathroom the rest of their lives.


Blowing out a budget is one of the most heartbreaking things that we see with DIY renovators.  While they still have the passion to continue, their inability to correctly budget their renovation can often finish in tears.

Building Elements

The final element that DIY bathroom renovators often get wrong is that they fail to understand how such a small bathroom can require so many skills.  Carpenters, electricians and plumbers are all needed to work together to ensure that the room is not only aesthetic but also functional.

Today’s blog post has outlined the Top 5 reasons DIY bathroom renovations Brisbane often fail, as stated by our team at All Bathroom Gear.  If you would like to find out any more about a bathroom renovation, or would like to make a booking for an assessment, please give our team a call today on (07) 3391 8628.