What does your bathroom say about you?

What does your bathroom say about you?

When it comes to bathrooms, the homeowner has a chance to reflect their very own personality and priorities in their home. Sadly the bathroom area is often an afterthought for many homeowners when it needn’t be. Whether you like traditional, practical, trendy or timeless, bathrooms are one of the easiest areas of the home to breathe new life into, and it does say a lot about you, you’ll want it to send the right message.

Here at All Bathroom Gear, our bathrooms designs send only positive messages, so if you feel like your dated, tired and tatty bathroom might be making a less than ideal impression it’s time to come see us for advice and suggestions on how we can overhaul your area to suit all different tastes and budgets.

Are you the traditionalist?

If you love country inspired traditional bathrooms think terracotta tiles and standalone bathtubs to create a warm country feel. Pulling off the traditionalist look is all in the detail. Flowers placed on surfaces and wood used sparingly can create inviting, cosy and traditional bathrooms that communicate an elegant touch of the yesteryear.

Are you a trendsetter?

Sharp clean lines and minimalist designs represent the trendsetter in the bathroom. Less is more when it comes to modern trends in bathroom styling. Mixing light colours with darker tones like deep grey and using granite benches and chrome fittings and will cement your status as a contemporary and cutting edge stylist.

Are you ever practical?

If you like to balance levels of functionality with looks there are a number of fittings and bathroom equipment that can easily help you achieve both. The right amount of storage is essential for family bathrooms in particular and if you’ve only got a small space to work with, we can suggest many space saving fixtures and fittings to help you get the most from area you have.

Are you a lover of all things luxury?

So you like the finer things in life? Why should you apologise for wanting to create a place to pamper yourself and relax at the end of a busy day. Marble is great at achieve the luxury look, and to complement marble bench tops gold fittings are a must-have accessory. Spa baths and lots of glass can complete the luxury look in your bathroom.

For Queensland Most Awarded winning bathroom specialist, get in touch with us at All Bathroom Gear. We have a bathroom that will speak to you and says all the right things. Call us today on (07) 3391 8628 to find out more.