Walk-In Robe Ideas To Inspire Your Renovation

Walk-In Robe Ideas To Inspire Your Renovation

Walk-in robes are a desirable addition for a home-—who wouldn’t want a neat, organised room filled with their clothes, where they can quickly try on outfits to find the perfect look?

If you’re toying with the idea of creating your own walk-in robe fit out, we can’t blame you. But there’s more to walk-in robe designs than meets the eye. To get that perfectly finished product, you need rigorous planning, and there’s no time like the present.

Here are some walk in wardrobe ideas ideas to inspire your renovation, and help you design a beautiful, practical room.

Plentiful shoe storage for your walk-in robe

Shoe Storage

If you’re anything like us, having the perfect shoe storage solution is one of the main reasons that you want a walk-in closet. Shoes are all sorts of shapes and sizes, and when you stack them, there’s no chance of getting a lower pair without making an almighty mess. Shoe storage might not be the most important part of wardrobe storage, but to have your shoes neatly stacked and easily accessible is a wonderful luxury.

When you’re designing your walk-in robe, it’s worth thinking about how much storage space you need for your shoes. Try stacking your shoes side-by-side and measuring their total length, and think about whether the room is big enough to have shoe racks that go two pairs deep (if you’re happy with this design). Having limited space for your shoe storage has the added bonus of discouraging you from spending even more money on shoes, and putting the money towards that trip to the Maldives you’ve already dreamed about.

It’s also a good idea to place a few chemical dehumidifier packets on the shoe shelves, as they’ll help to keep them dry and in good condition, as well as diminishing any unpleasant cheese smells.

Good lighting is a must for a walk-in robe

Good Lighting

Image from Est

Lighting is a powerful design tool that can transform a room, especially walk-in robes. And it’s also the place where you decide which combination of clothing is most beautiful, so good lighting is essential, lest you leave the house looking like some kind of nightmare from the 70s. You can’t assemble the perfect outfit in the dark, so spending some time thinking about lighting options for your walk-in robe is a must.

Fierce spotlights can also fade clothes over time, so be a little careful of this too.

Be smart with wardrobe storage

Ikea Pax Wardrobe

Image from Ikea

When you’re designing your walk-in robe, you’ll need to properly understand your storage needs. First, write down the different types of clothing that you have—jumpers, hoodies, shirts, blouses, t-shirts, etc.—and then think about how you might like to group them in the wardrobe. Once you’ve got an idea of how things should be grouped, re-write them under the group names. Now that you have your groups written down, take the clothes themselves and group them, to give yourself an idea of how much space you need for each, and whether they need to be hung, placed on a shelf, or tucked away in a drawer. This process should give you a clear idea the kind of storage you need for your clothing collection.

Another important thing to consider is the material that you’ll be using for your walk-in robe. If you go for a flat pack option, or another cheap wardrobe storage idea such as fabric storage boxes, the room might quickly start to look shabby—more like a garage than a pristine walk-in robe. But if you opt for a custom-designed built in wardrobe with high-quality timber, the room will look great for years, and you’ll have the added bonus of moth protection.

Hanging space is key

Real Homes - Spacious Wardrobe

Image from Real Homes

Hanging space is key in any wardrobe, walk-in or otherwise! It’s tempting to dedicate as much space as possible to hanging, but remember that only certain items can be hung. If possible, it’s best to apportion your space with a slight preference towards drawers and cupboards. The reason is simple: you can fold all the clothes and store them in drawers, but you can’t store everything on a hanger! If needed, there are tons of cheap shelving inserts that allow you to separate and stack clothing.

Use mirrors to create visual space

Garrison Street Wardrobe

Image from Garrison Street Design Studio

If your walk-in closet is small and looks a little pokey, mirrors can do wonders for making things seem bigger. By adding mirrors to walls, sliding doors, and other surfaces, the illusion of space is created, and the room opens wide.

Of course, mirrors are also needed to judge whether your outfit makes you look beautiful or hideous.

Pick a colour scheme

Colour Scheme Walk In Robe

Image from Huffington Post

Colours can be one of the trickiest design elements to get right. You don’t want the room to be boring, but you also don’t want it to be a psychedelic nightmare. When picking colours, the 60-30-10 design rule is always worth adhering to—60% of the room for your primary colour (e.g. white), 30% of the room for your secondary colour (brown oak), and 10% of the room for your accent colour (something bold, like bright orange). If you roughly follow this scheme, you should be able to create a colour scheme that works well, and looks beautiful.

Don’t forget your accessories

Accessories - Three Bird Renovations

Image from Three Birds Renovations

If you’ve spent months designing and constructing a walk-in closet, the last thing you want is to have forgotten about your accessories. Sunglasses, hats, belts, earrings, necklaces—they all need their own place in your design, and with the right type of storage system. Lots of places sell pre-made storage solutions made from wood, cloth, and plastic, specifically designed for accessories.

Get a little professional help

Designing the perfect walk-in robe is tough. You’ll need to thoroughly understand storage space requirements, the different types that you need, and how to use the limited space available. If you’re struggling, or just want to make sure it’s perfect first time, give us a call for a consultation and measure. We’ll visit your home, chat to you about your needs, and create a beautiful walk-in robe design for you.

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