Walk-In Robe Ideas

Posted: April 10, 2019

The allure of a walk-in wardrobe is always going to be strong, no matter where you’re living. The idea of having a neatly organised room full of your favourite things is just too appealing to resist. So if you’re toying with the idea of doing your very own walk in robe fit out, we can hardly blame you! But there’s more to walk in robe designs than meets the eye. To get that perfectly finished product, you need to undertake some pretty rigorous planning. So what better time to start than now?

Want the luxury look? Make sure your walk in robe is designed with plenty of shoe storage!

First, let’s address some of the small things that undoubtedly attracted you to walk in robes in the first place. If you’re anything like us, the perfect shoe storage solution is probably one of those things. Sure, it might not be the most important part of wardrobe storage. But to walk into a small room with neatly stacked shoes lined up before you is a small luxury we could all use in our lives. So it might be worthwhile thinking about how much storage space your shoes require. More and more people are adding dehumidifiers in this area to keep shoes in pristine condition and reduce odours. That is if you’re as excited about shoe storage as we are!

When you’re fitting out your walk in robe, make sure you pay close attention to light. Here’s why

Now that we’ve got some of our more capricious thoughts out of the way, let’s get practical with some talk about lighting. Lighting is a powerful design tool capable of transforming any room in your house. Walk in robes are no different, but they need lighting for another reason too. When you have access to a walk in robe, believe us, that’s probably going to be where you’re getting changed from now on. And assembling perfect outfits is going to be hard in the dark! So make sure you spend time not just getting lighting sorted, but getting the right lighting sorted. The correct lighting that will not fade your clothes on the fold lines is imperative in this room, so call us to discuss the right lighting plan for this space.

Let’s not forget that wardrobe storage is always a priority. Here’s one idea to give yours the best start

Storage: it’s the whole reason your walk-in wardrobe exists. So it’s no surprise that we have to cover it in a bit of detail. Let’s start with shelves. Shelves are going to occupy some space, on every wall of your robe. That means you need to pay attention to two things: looks, and durability. If you go for cheap flat pack options, you might start seeing your walk-in wardrobe storage looking like garage shelving and losing its shine in a year or two. However, if you opt for high-quality timber options, you’ll have the lovely lustre of natural timber and the added bonus of moth protection for years to come. Of course, complete natural timber is quite expensive, so you have the option of a good quality veneer.

Hanging space is key in any walk in robe fit out, but don’t sacrifice too much surface area!

Hanging space is key in any wardrobe, walk-in or otherwise! As a result, the temptation is always there to dedicate as much space as possible to hanging. But remember, only certain items can be hung. Our advice is to apportion your space with a slight lean towards drawers and cupboards. The reason is simple: you can fold all the clothes and store them in drawers, but you can store everything on a hanger! There are a million affordable solutions to stackable inserts for visibility and aeration on shelving.

Walk in robe designs require great attention to detail, so some professional help will go a long way

Getting the perfect walk in robe is not always easy. The design process is quite complex, and you have to be to make the most of the limited space available. So if you’re having trouble, or just want to make sure it’s all perfect the first time, contact the experts for an onsite consultation and measure.

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