Top 10 Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Top 10 Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Scandinavian designs are among some of the world’s most renowned. They offer the clean lines and light feel that few other kitchen designs do. If you successfully cultivate Scandinavian décor in your kitchen, it will feel twice the size! But that’s easier said than done. Successfully achieving Scandinavian kitchens are something that even designers struggle to do. Still, it’s possible with these ideas!

Crisp and clean: Scandinavian kitchens are centred on these crisp accents

The first rule of Scandinavian kitchen design is to keep it crisp and clean. Luckily, that’s pretty easy to achieve. Essentially, the mantra is this: don’t overdo it! Choose two relatively neutral colours that you like, and stick with them. A great place to start is white, and a shade of clean blue. White should be the dominant, and blue should be the accent. With that combination or some variation of that, you can achieve a surprising amount of success.

When it comes to Danish kitchen design, colour is a tool to be used strategically

Basically, in all interior design, colour is a tool. It has to be used sparingly, and strategically. So if you’re set on deviating from the classic Scandinavian blue and white, give some thought to your approach. Will you go with bold edges and calm centres? Or perhaps warm greys, for a snug winter feel? Whatever you choose, make sure you take some time to compare, stare, and prepare!

Achieving the perfect Scandinavian kitchen design requires creative lighting

A colour scheme is only as good as the lighting around it. Lighting is a more powerful design tool than most people realise. And luckily, it’s an easy one to get right! However, Scandinavian kitchen designs required a little more creativity when it comes to lighting. In Scandinavian kitchens, no detail is spared. That means everything from the light fitting, to the light itself, needs to be perfect.

Crispness doesn’t need contrast: with this idea, you can achieve a great Scandinavian kitchen

Although contrast is the easiest way to gain that crisp Scandinavian feel, it’s not the only way. Sometimes, a nice even colour scheme is best. In fact, we tend to prefer nice even schemes in a more modern home. A Scandinavian classic in that regard is warm to charcoal grey. Generally, such schemes work best in larger homes, as the darker colours can take away a little space. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful way to create a homely and snug kitchen!

Use your lines: Scandinavian kitchen designs should always prevent feelings of crowdedness

In terms of Scandinavian kitchen ideas, this is the most important: use your lines! Creating clear, clean edges throughout your kitchen will prevent a feeling of overflow, and give that delightful minimalist impression. With a clear sense of where your benchtop, appliances, and shelves end, you can ensure that no feature encroaches on the space of another. When you’re designing a Scandinavian kitchen, we suggest opting for bold edges where possible.

Homely meets industrial: with these ideas, you can foster a Scandinavian kitchen with an edge

Stainless steel is not something that’s traditionally Scandinavian. However, with some Scandinavian kitchen design principles, you can work stainless steel magic in your kitchen! First, you should aim to achieve that small-commercial feel – picture a small café’s kitchen. Then, you should add a Scandinavian touch. Move all under bench storage, to open vertical storage. That means hanging things like wooden spoons, cooking utensils, and chopping boards. The result will combine harsh stainless steel, with homely and eclectic accents.

Danish kitchen design isn’t always associated with patterns, but some are too good to pass up!

Danish kitchens are some of the more diverse, as far as Scandinavian design is concerned. Part of that diversity exists in the Danish love of patterns. And by that, we don’t mean large, garish patterns. Instead, we mean small accents – such as a patterned kitchen skirting board. The results are far from loud, but they still add a noticeable homeliness!

Rugs in the kitchen don’t always work, but some Scandinavian designs have found a solution

Speaking of homeliness, it’s time to introduce one of our more controversial ideas: rugs! Rugs in the kitchen are not something you’ll commonly find – even in a Scandinavian kitchen! However, the more eclectic Scandinavian kitchen ideas work well with a rug, which ties it all together.

Scandinavia is known for its love of timber: here are some ideas to make timber work in your kitchen

Timber works everywhere. And in a Scandinavian kitchen, that’s especially true. Our favourite idea is to combine a timber benchtop, with an assortment of timber utensils. That creates consistent accents throughout the room.

Natural stone is a Scandinavian speciality – here’s an idea of where to put it in your kitchen!

Finally, let’s bring out the big guns: natural stone! Natural stone is a Scandinavian classic, and it works everywhere from crockery to tiles. So see where you can fit natural stone in your kitchen. It’s a powerful addition that effectively summons the Scandinavian décor with ease.

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