Tips for Bathroom Renovations

Tips for Bathroom Renovations

In this article we will share some tips for bathroom renovations for all types of homes such as high rise apartments, townhouses or houses. A carefully considered re-design can make a bathroom appear more spacious, and give you much needed storage space. If you decide to change the current configuration of your space these alterations are going to cost more as it will usually involve moving plumbing, and possibly some level of construction work.

Tips For Bathroom Renovations

#1 If you are in the early stages of planning there are a number of simple programmes online that are designed to let you play with different layouts, and find a way to maximise your space. Another way to plan your space for the less tech-savvy is a scaled plan on paper, cut out shapes to match your bathroom components and configure them in the room to make best use of the space. Alternatively, our team at All Bathroom Gear in Brisbane can help you consider how to reconfigure your space, giving you the best solution to suit your budget.

#2 Modern bathrooms have evolved into a little haven from the outside world. If privacy around your home is not an issue consider enlarging the window so you can enjoy the view while bathing. Depending on your style you may want to have a sleek modern vanity unit, or you may want to upcycle a beautiful piece of vintage furniture with a modern sink unit. Consider your fixtures and fittings carefully as they will impact the end result you achieve, if you have a particular theme in mind that will help bring your personality to the room, but only pick out elements of the theme to not over power the design.

#3 Consider how you use your bathroom, if it is your home and you are not renovating to sell a property, you may decide you want a large wet room or a super shower with a rain shower head, you may want a huge bath where you can lie back and forget about the world for a little while. These are all elements you need to have decided upon before any work begins.

#4 When working with trades make sure you are 100% clear on what your expectations are before they start work in your home. You need to understand and plan your trades to complete their role in the correct order and often one trade cannot commence until another has finished. Make sure you use people that are recommended, check they are qualified, insured for the work they complete and are licensed.

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