Timeless Bathroom Design Trends

Timeless Bathroom Design Trends

Thinking about renovating your bathroom for the first time in years? There are many design features you need to consider when refurbishing your bathroom, like the colours, fixtures and the tiling style. But bathroom design trends change often, so unless you want to refresh your look every few years, it makes sense to consider a look that’s beautiful, practical and timeless. Below, we’ve listed a few designs that will make your bathroom look stunning for years to come.

Neutral or black and white colour schemes

When it comes to bathroom colours, it can be easy to get carried away. You may be tempted to go with bright or bold colours like aquamarine or tangerine to keep up with the current colour trends. Unfortunately, some of these design trends go out of style as quickly as they become popular, leaving you with a dated look that might even start to annoy you over time.

For a timeless bathroom feel, the best colours to choose are either neutrals or a black and white colour scheme. Neutral colours, like creams and greys, are timeless classics and can easily be redefined with a pop of brighter tones via accessories.

Another colour scheme that has lasted the ages is the simplicity of black and white. This combination tends to look crisp and clean and goes perfectly with contemporary chrome fittings.

Once again, use bright accessories like towels, bath mats, plant pots or candles to refresh the look of your bathroom, with your timeless colours as the base. After all, it’s much easier to decorate than it is to completely refurbish your bathroom every year or so.

Subway or large format tiles

Subway tiles first appeared in the early 19th century in underground train stations around the world. Over the course of 100 years, these small rectangular tiles (generally 200 x 100 or up to 400 x 100) have become a design staple in kitchens and bathrooms. But these are trends which come and go.

The more contemporary designs now in vogue use large format tiles of ceramic or porcelain, laid either portrait or landscape pattern depending on the height of ceilings. Laid portrait in low ceilings give the illusion or greater height whereas in rooms with higher ceilings landscape pattern give the illusion of a broader room.

For more information on the perfect tile combination for your bathroom, be sure to contact your local bathroom specialists.

Avoid modern vanities

The most eye-catching part of a bathroom is the vanity. Consisting of a sink, a bench, drawers and a mirror, vanities can be customised to meet the style of your bathroom. At the moment, unusual, modern vanity designs are very popular, particularly on renovation television shows. You may find yourself tempted to purchase and install something that creates a talking point feature in your bathroom.

But despite the uniqueness of infinity sinks and suspended benches, these modern vanities may quickly go out of style. If you’ve ever been in a house built in the 60s or 70s, you’ll know all about floral wallpaper, fluffy toilet seats and pink sinks! Those were once considered the very latest in style, but a few years down the track become ‘retro’ – and not necessarily in a good way.

To keep your bathroom vanity looking timeless, consider going for a classic look. Timber look cabinets in a rustic or gloss finish will give your bathroom a great deal of style and teamed with an engineered stone and white or natural marble basins – inset or vessel – will provide a timeless appeal.

Natural or engineered stone

One of the most timeless bathroom design trends is marble. Its beautiful intricacy and stunning shine when polished makes it a must-have in any bathroom. The veining in some types of marble gives it a unique feel, meaning that no two bathrooms that use it look alike. It also works well as bathroom floor tiles as it is a hard and durable material.

Despite its beauty, it is important to understand that some marble can be a very high maintenance material. It needs to be cleaned regularly with a gentle cleaning product and spills from bathroom products must be wiped off immediately to avoid staining. Since marble is a very absorbent material, stains can become deeply ingrained if left on the patterned stone for too long.

Modern technology has created engineered stone by Companies such as Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz and Silstone which mimics marble and granite for bench tops. For tiling there is a vast range of porcelain and ceramic tiles which also mimic natural marble. These finishes are then far easier to maintain than natural stone, but still with the 5 star design appeal.

Your expert bathroom designer will be pleased to help you with all the alternatives.

Design Trends

The right fittings and fixtures can really make a bathroom. Like all aspects of bathroom design, fixture trends come and go, but certain staples have lasted the test of time.

Brass fixtures used to be popular but polished or satin chrome or chrome and colour are now on trend, whilst there is also an emergence of some old gold type finishes.

Minimilist looks are very stylish and large bathrooms are using a modern freestanding bath. The old world of Victorian look with heavy timber and claw foot baths may be popular in Melbourne however in Brisbane bathrooms we see far more contemporary designs.

Do it once and do it right

Bathroom design trends change over time, but if you want a bathroom that lasts you and your family for years to come, always choose classic bathroom design trends.

From adding neutral colours to large format tiles in porcelain or ceramic your bathroom should be a space that’s relaxing and elegant, or modern and functional, to suit your lifestyle. Let the slaves to fashion redesign their homes every few years while you continue to enjoy your beautiful bathroom!

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