The power of renovating your bathroom vanities

The power of renovating your bathroom vanities

Here at All Bathroom Gear, our team of expert builders and designers are always looking for new ways to transform a plain and ordinary bathroom into something that you, your family and your friends will be proud of.  In today’s blog post, our team will continue our search by putting the spotlight on one of the most powerful elements in the bathroom – bathroom vanities.

Did you know that your bathroom is most likely one of the most used spaces in your home?  If you really take the time to think about it, you’ll realise that getting ready for work, cleaning your teeth and showering are all generally done in this one room.  To be even more specific, many of these tasks are performed in one area of the bathroom – in front of the vanity.

The bathroom vanity possesses the ability to completely transform the look and the decor of your bathroom without have to change the rest of your bathroom.  For those who are on a tight budget or are happy with the rest of their bathroom, then this may be the option for you.

There are many different styles that can be utilised with the vanity, depending on your taste, the size of the room and the current look of your bathroom furnishings and accessories. In recent years the minimalist look has become quite popular, but there are still a variety of other styles including modern, traditional, oriental, rustic… the list really goes on.

If you have been considering a change in your bathroom and don’t know where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at All Bathroom Gear today on (07) 3391 8628. Our team of experienced designers will be able to advise you of what bathroom vanities will suit your home the best.