Testimonial from Stan and Anne

Testimonial from Stan and Anne

Stan and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for not only meeting our expectations, but exceeding them, with the renovation of our main bathroom.

The bathroom looks and works so well. We are delighted with it and even after a month, keep pinching ourselves when we use it!

We imagined a stressful time while renovating and that is why we had put it off for so long. However, the whole time has been worry free for us and All Bathroom Gear needs to take credit for this. We are most satisfied with the way everyone responded to our questions, changes and input. Throughout the total renovation we were treated with respect by everyone that was involved.

We want to particularly thank Gary for his patience and support.
All of the tradesmen acted professionally and redeems the perception that is so often prevalent these days.
Rob and Adam, Paul and his crew, Steven and his crew, Claus and his crew and Angus and his crew were all great examples of what the community expects of tradesmen.
Beyond their obvious technical expertise, the way they conducted themselves and their communication skills were excellent.
Henri, these tradesmen are gold for your business, but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that!

In particular we would like to acknowledge Rob as the winner of  the “Reading Street Bathroom Tradesman Award”!
He was the nicest guy we have ever come across in the trades world, so considerate, so friendly and so accomodating.  (Just too bad about his accent!)

Maureen was a blast of inspiration when we were stuck and we appreciate her innovative input!

Altogether you couldn’t find a pair of happier customers, and this is in total thanks to everyone on y our team.

Thank you