Top 10 Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Top 10 Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Scandinavia: it’s a land of extreme weather, and extremely good bathroom design ideas. It’s not hard to see why Scandinavia is known as a design epicentre. And with these Scandinavian bathroom ideas, it’s not hard to get your own slice of that design at home.

Natural stone is the perfect way to master Scandinavian bathroom vanities

First, let’s talk natural finishes. And by natural finishes, we mean the beautiful natural stones for which Scandinavia has come to be known. Natural stone is a distinctly Scandinavian touch; it combines precisions and perfections, with a touch of natural input. And where better to display that than your vanity?

Danish bathroom designs are known for their darker shades: deep timber colours are a great start – but be sparing

Danish design is known for a darker, more brooding sort of accent. Often, this extends to bathroom designs too. Danish bathroom designs often embrace the smaller space of a bathroom, while maintaining its inviting feel. In our view, the best way to walk the fine line of hygge is with deep, natural timber colours.

It’s not all dark and brooding: glass wall tiles are great Scandinavian bathroom accessories

Glass wall tiles are sleek. There’s simply no other way to put it. Somewhere between subway tiles, and little mirrors, they offer a rare and very smooth extra dimension to any bathroom. They’re not as fragile as they sound either; glass tiles offer much the same strength as conventional ones. After all, Scandinavian bathroom designs are just as practical as they are elegant.

Scandinavian designs are all about clean lines – but good lighting is the key to bringing them out

One of the most common themes among any collection of Scandinavian bathroom designs is the art of the line. Clean lines are a must in Scandinavian design. Achieving them is one thing, but accentuating them is another entirely. Making the clean lines of your bathroom design really stand out is a matter of strategic lighting. With the right combination of shades, tones, and placement, you can bring the smooth finishes of your bathroom design into the fore.

Blue is always a good idea in Scandinavian bathrooms; here’s how you can add it to yours

We’ve covered a lot of the darker Scandinavian bathroom ideas so far, but what if light and bright is more your speed? Well don’t worry, there’s a Scandinavian bathroom idea for your too: it’s as simple as the colour blue! Nice light tones of blue are the perfect accompaniment to a Scandinavian bathroom design. And, truthfully, it’s often as simple as adding a blue towel set to your bathroom.

The farmhouse sink is a great accessory to gain that eastern Scandinavian feel

Farmhouse sinks are often the centrepiece of kitchens and laundries. That’s understandable too; they’re unrivalled in terms of practicality. But they are just as at home in the bathroom. So if you want the Scandinvian feel, farmhouse sinks are a great bathroom idea.

Marble tiles deliver the natural stone look of Scandinavian bathrooms, but with a bright touch

Marble surfaces aren’t the most typical of all Scandinavian bathroom ideas, but they’re still easy to pull off. All you need is well-arranged marble tiling. It gives you the natural stone beauty, with a light and bright feel.

Open shelved Scandinavian bathroom vanities are the perfect accompaniment for farmhouse sinks

Like farmhouse sinks, open shelved timber storage is very much a Scandinavian kitchen classic. But, also like farmhouse sinks, it works exceptionally well in Scandinavian-styled bathrooms. Why not opt for a raw timber open shelved vanity? It combines rustic, with unrivalled storage praciticality!

Minimalism is distinctly Scandinavian, and achieving is simply a matter of choosing two colours!

Minimalism is about as Scandinavian as it gets. But, often, it’s a little out of reach for those among us who like having more than one possession. Don’t worry though, the minimalist feel is within reach! All you need is a two-tone even colour scheme. If you’ve ever been in a bathroom of that nature, you’ll know what we mean!

Sleek shades may be popular Scandinavian bathroom ideas, but here’s how to pull off a pattern

Finally, let’s look at the best ideas for adding some depth. Scandinavian bathroom ideas don’t necessarily promote patterns, but they don’t exclude them either. If you can pull it off, why not try? And the best way to try is with patterned bathroom tiles. Ask the experts for some of the more minimalistic patterns, and see how they suit your Scandinavian décor.

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