Laundry Room Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas For Your Home

The laundry is an important room in any home. In terms of design, though, they always seem to be overlooked. Sure, the laundry isn’t associated with all the glamour of a kitchen or dining room. That doesn’t mean your laundry doesn’t deserve the odd makeover every now and then! But where do you even start?

Laundry design ideas can be hard to find. However, we’ve put our heads together and come up with a few of our favourite laundry design ideas. Hopefully, they can inspire your next laundry makeover!

Integrated under-sink laundry bins are a great laundry design ideas, that’s practical too

Under sink laundry bins: they’re stylish, practical, and relatively easy. Essentially, under sink laundry bins are similar to sliding under sink kitchen bins. Two tubs sit on a slide, behind a cabinet, and you can pull them out as necessary. The advantages of that are many and varied. First, it’s space efficient. You don’t need to worry about stumbling over tubs and basket on the laundry floor. Second, it looks great! The reason is simple: under sink laundry bins allow you to customise your laundry cabinetry. That means gorgeous timber panels, enamel surfaces, or even stainless steel. The choice is yours!

Don’t be afraid of narrow spaces: Add narrow cupboards to your laundry design portfolio

Most laundries are a little lack in the width department. Often, they’re built in the smallest space possible to maximise bathroom and bedroom space in your home. That means a lot of laundries have strangely proportioned narrow walls and dead spaces of a similar nature. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. Narrow, tall cupboards have a nice elegance about them. They’re also great for storing the basics like laundry powder, brooms, mops, and cleaning apparel.

Make the most of tight spaces with a butler’s cupboard laundry – here’s how to design it

Some laundries aren’t even in a room of their own. It’s not uncommon for laundries to occupy a space in the spare bathroom or even the garage. So why not give your laundry a bit of distinction with a butler’s cupboard? These are a great way to design a laundry that seems separate from the bathroom, even though it’s not. The butler’s cupboard hides the laundry with a sleek sliding door. Again, that’s the perfect opportunity to bring some natural finishes into your laundry design. It’s also a great opportunity to cut down on noise; simply pull the door shut when the washing machine is going, and it’s like it isn’t even there.

Wall hooks are a cheap, easy, and very effective laundry design idea – here’s why

So far, we’ve covered some slightly higher profile laundry design tips. So let’s take a look at some that you could do today! Wall hooks are a handy addition to bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries alike. They offer space for you to hang towels, dry clothes, and get things up and out of the way. They are also cheap, easy to find, and easy to install. Choosing them is a small joy as well because wall hooks come in all manner of interesting and accentuating designs.

For the most simple laundry design addition, just get some wicker baskets!

We figured it was only fitting to end our list of laundry design tips on a high, so here’s our simplest and easiest addition yet: baskets! If you’ve got some space to play within your laundry, why not add some texture in the form of wicker baskets. They’re great for dirty clothes, and buying two will allow you to separate lights from darks as necessary. They’re cheap, easy to find, and they require no installation. What could be better?

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