Current Trends in Bathroom Accessories [2018]

Current Trends in Bathroom Accessories [2018]

Trends come and go but when it comes to bathrooms, they are increasingly becoming more about embracing features that are not only functional but create an ambience that ensures your bathroom is a personal sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. Here is our expert guide to some of the trends that are emerging in bathroom accessories.


Traditional bathroom mirrors are no longer just functional, they are now being transformed into works of art in order to make them a focal point in your bathroom.

In terms of current bathroom trends, Scandinavian-inspired styles have become popular, and there is also a growing number of mirrors being recessed into the walls above vanities that feature an integrated ‘open’ shelf. Mirrors that are recessed can deliver an elegant streamlined effect, particularly when they’re finished with a combination of task and feature lighting, such as LED backlighting or decorative sconce lights.


If you are undertaking a bathroom renovation, lighting is becoming an important design factor thanks to the emergence of LED technology. Instead of single overhead lights, homeowners are now layering lighting throughout the room to define task zones, highlight interesting details and create ambience.

Feature lighting can include things like moody wall lights or striking pendants, and a popular trend at the moment is hanging a set of bulb-style pendants at eye level around the vanity to create soft, flattering lighting. LED strips under the mirror cabinet or around the mirror itself can create effective task lighting, dimmers and warm globes can create a sense of luxury, or you can go all-out with smartphone-controlled or motion sensor mood lighting.

Just remember, when selecting lights for your bathroom make sure they are sufficiently rated and compliant with Australian standards. Bathroom lights should also be water-resistant, be able to withstand exposure to moisture and be hung well away from direct contact with water.


Vanities have moved away from just being the place you store your beauty products and wash your hands, they are now becoming the focal point for a variety of bathroom designs. Using patterns, textures and interesting shapes can help hero them, and a bright gloss finish can ensure you’re also injecting colour into the room.

In terms of bathroom trends, the feature bowl on top of your vanity can add another interesting element to the mix, and basin styles can range from metallics and ceramics to rustic basins crafted from natural stone.

Homeowners are also increasingly making a bold statement with lowered bench tops and vessel-style basins mounted on the top of their vanity benches, and a smaller vessel on top is becoming preferred over the inclusion of double basins.


With a collective focus on the wellness of the body and soul gaining traction (often referred to as the ‘day spa trend’), homeowners are attempting to recreate the vibe of a pampering oasis in the bathroom as well. This can be illustrated in a variety of trends from earthy to high-end glamour with ‘resort styling’ revolving around the bathtub. Nothing says luxury like an oversized freestanding tub, and mounting it on a small platform can totally redefine a bathing area.

Extending the look with large-format, floor-to-ceiling tiling in tactile materials (like timber, stone or honed concrete), and accessorizing with extras like heated towel rails and bathroom fixtures like rain showerheads can also up the ante. And don’t forget the scented candles!


Tapware is one of the easiest things to change in a bathroom, and a simple update can not only be done without the need for a complete bathroom renovation, it can totally transform and modernise the look of the space.

A fuss-free and sophisticated look can be achieved with matte finishes like graphite, and champagne, rose and bronze metallic tapware can achieve a softer look. Brushed chrome can suit contemporary styling while burnished or brushed brass can add warmth to a room. These warmer tones can also extend to accent pieces in the room including in lighting fixtures, mirrors and hardware.

Another popular trend in bathroom accessories like tapware is choosing square fixtures and fittings including on towel rails and showerheads. However, it’s worth remembering that when selecting fixtures, don’t mix curved and square profiles together, and don’t feel like you have to follow what’s on-trend either. The important thing is to invest in good quality fittings that will last, and ensure your bathroom not only looks good but is functional as well!


Gone are the days of hiding everything away in under-sink cupboards. One of the up-and-coming bathroom trends is to show off collectables (and our personalities!) on display shelving in the mirror surround or in the vanity unit. Beauty products, ornamental bottles or your favourite bottle of perfume can take centre stage in storage nooks or on open shelving – just don’t over-fill them!

Colour can also be introduced with towels, candles and greenery. The humidity of bathrooms can provide the ideal growing conditions for certain species of plants, plus they’ll add a splash of colour and can help purify chemical-laden air as well.

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