Start with ‘R’ when planning your next bathroom renovation

Start with ‘R’ when planning your next bathroom renovation

Planning a bathroom renovation? There are some key adjectives that you’ll want to think about when renovating and thinking what these terms below mean for your own renovation project will assist planning your renovation, so you get out of it exactly what you want.

Starting with an ‘R’ for your bathroom renovation

All Bathroom Gear is the team behind some of the most sophisticated and inspiring bathrooms in Brisbane, and today we recommend starting with ‘R’ when planning your next bathroom renovation.

Restore – Are there any areas of the bathroom that can be restored with a bit of cleaning or TLC? Tiles are an example of a surface in the bathroom where a professional clean can brighten up and restore their looks without having to completely overhaul the tiled areas in a bathroom, (provided you like the style of the exiting tiles that is.)

Renew – A renovation is the time is the time to renew some of the fittings in your bathroom with more modern options. There are a great range of water efficient showerheads and dual flush toilets and energy efficient lighting available. Renewed fittings go a long way in making a bathroom look and feel a lot cleaner and modern.

Refurbish – Old cupboards and water affected wood panels can be refurbished with new doors and handles and new shelving. Sometimes complete new fixtures are not needed to refurbish a bathroom and existing fittings can be given a facelift.

Refresh – Refreshing the fixtures in your bathroom with more updated products goes a long way to refresh tired and dated looking areas. Refreshing fixtures includes more modern doors and colour schemes including drawer and door handles.

Revitalise – Bring your bathroom into the 21st century by revitalising the area with some well-placed and affordable bathroom accessories.

Rebuild – Sometimes a complete structural overhaul is needed in a bathroom area due to a building defect or water leak. Rebuilding shower recesses and other areas of the bathroom are sometimes necessary for a comprehensive renovation project.

Replace – Often a bathroom just doesn’t function the best way it should. This is when it’s time to bite the bullet and replace bathroom fixtures so you can get more from your bathroom. You might want a shower and a bath combined, or more cupboard space with a new vanity so you get enhanced functionality from the space.

Replicate – Whether it’s a Japanese styled space or a retro and colourful fit out, renovating a bathroom brings an opportunity to replicate or take inspiration from those that have gone before you. There are a whole range of bathroom renovation trends so replicate the best of them in your own design.

Repair – An extensive bathroom renovation normally includes at least some elements of repair. Whether it’s the toilet, the sink or the shower recess, a bathroom renovation is not complete unless everything is in good working order.

When it comes to choosing a team who know the right way to do a bathroom renovation, go with All Bathroom Gear, the team with proven revolutionary renovations across Brisbane.

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