7 Kitchen Design Trends To Look Out For In 2017

7 Kitchen Design Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Building a house? Renovating an old one? Or simply giving your kitchen a much-needed facelift? No doubt you’re keen to learn about the latest kitchen design trends!

Most families spend a great deal of time in their kitchen, so it should be a place you all feel comfortable to cook, work, play and chat. You also work hard to pay for your home, so why wouldn’t you want it to be a place you are proud to show off?

Kitchen design trends have the power to make these dreams a reality. But be warned! Following the latest fad can also lead to some very expensive mistakes.

Kitchen design trends – is it what you really want?

When you start planning the design of your kitchen, you always have a mental picture of what you want it to look like. You might be focused on the atmosphere you want to achieve, or the budget you have to spend. A lot of the time once you start researching colours, styles and appliances, your desired kitchen layout will change.

For better or worse, you will be influenced by the shiny pictures in the home makeover magazines and reality house renovation television shows. But it’s important to be sure that the latest kitchen fashions are going to suit your taste and lifestyle.

It’s also quite common for trends to take influence from past fads and reinvent themselves. Depending on how out of date your kitchen is, you may even be able to salvage some of its current style and modernise it, avoiding the expense of a full renovation.

Still thinking?

Here are 7 kitchen design trends to watch in 2017!

1. Monochrome – tuxedo kitchens

Black, white and shades of grey, similar to those of a dapper tuxedo, are a growing kitchen design trend. These colours allow you to make your kitchen as sharp or mellow as you like while offering a great contrast between benches, cupboards and accessories.

It isn’t uncommon to see all black cupboards with light grey tiles and a white bench, or a dark grey bench with white cupboards and black grout between the tiles. These hints of colour in the grout give the kitchen a completely different appearance than the standard white.

It is no surprise that monochrome is growing in popularity as it is a great choice for those wanting their kitchens to stand the test of time. They are no fad colours that will go out of fashion quickly and it allows you to swap and change your accessories to highlight and add that extra something.

2. Earthy tones

Earthy, neutral colours of browns, fawns, greys and blacks, with a pop or orange or red, are welcoming colours, ideal for atmospheric dining. Accessories with Tuscan or Mexican feature pieces, or use woods and metallics to create contrast. Bring the outside in with wall gardens or herb pots in terracotta or white.

3. Copper accents

Stainless steel has been and gone, brushed black has had its turn, it is now time for copper to take pride of place in your kitchen. Expect to see copper lighting, door handles, appliances and accessories to complement kitchen designs. Copper goes beautifully with the ‘tuxedo’ colour scheme, or against shades of green and blue.

4. Technology

Technology will fill the kitchen of the future, making cooking easier and appliances more efficient. Turn on your air conditioner before you get home from work using a phone app, or integrate your appliances with Bluetooth. Organise your kitchen benches to house speakers, device charging ports or integrated tablets for recipe searches. Build atmosphere with colour changing lights, multi-purpose kettles and solar cookware. For convenience, practicality and style, you’ll soon notice just how much technology works well in your kitchen.

5. Storage

Great storage options are about utilising spaces in attractive and convenient ways. If, for example, you have wasted space in an adjoining room that backs onto your kitchen, why not fill it in and turn it into a walk-in pantry? This modernises your kitchen and can be achieved even in a smaller home. Many of the latest design trends are about getting ‘smarter’ rather than ‘bigger and better’ with our use of space.

6. No handles

2017 is a year of simplicity and straight lines. This means forgoing handles and opting for handle-less options instead. Drawers are now being fitted with soft close mechanisms and cupboards have push open features. These streamline the appearance of the kitchen and eliminate the need to find handles that suit your kitchen and match current trends.

7. Bringing the outside in

It is not uncommon to see kitchens bringing the outside in and introducing hanging plants or window herb gardens. This not only brings a little joy and nostalgia to your home, it also presents the perfect opportunity to use fresh herbs when cooking.

Your kitchen is a place that can bring families closer together, where everyone can share their joy of cooking or chat over a hot cup of coffee. Today a kitchen is not just used for cooking, it is a place for relaxing, working and dining, which is why it is important that it feels like a room you can associate with happiness and quality time.

Redesigning your kitchen may seem like an expensive renovation but the benefits you gain from creating an appealing space that you want to spend time in makes it the spend worthwhile.

Kitchen design trends have the ability to make or break the overall impression of your home. If you do not research the quality of products, accessories and more importantly the tradespeople creating your new sanctuary, it could be a very expensive mistake.

On the other hand, if you do it right it can potentially turn your home from just liveable into a space that friends and family love. Embracing kitchen design trends can also result in your home value increasing dramatically. Your kitchen design is an investment that, done right, will pay off in big rewards.

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