5 Simple Bathroom Sink Designs To Inspire You

5 Simple Bathroom Sink Designs To Inspire You

Vessels, undermounts, farmhouses…who knew that there were so many sink types, and that picking one for your bathroom would be so challenging?

Thankfully, we’re here to make things easier for you. In this article, we’ll talk through five simple bathroom sink designs that are timeless, beautiful, and will look awesome in your bathroom.

Willow vessel sink

Willow Bathroom

Image from Raw Sunshine Coast

Clean, uncomplicated, and stylish, the willow vessel is a raised and freestanding sink that is a beautiful addition to most bathroom designs. Basin sinks typically come in a range of shapes and sizes, from smaller circular designs as in the image above, to wider oval designs that stretch across the length of the counter. They’re an unquestionably modern style, highly durable, and will stay in vogue for years.

One downside to large oval designs is the space lost underneath the sink, which can also be a little difficult to clean.

Note the simple black taps that match the showerhead and light fixtures in the image above, looking stark against the pearl white of the porcelain sink. A lot of thought has gone into this bathroom design, and it shows.

Marble vessel sink

Marble Sink

Image from Awesome Decors US

Marble is one of the most stunning materials available for bathroom designs. The material is naturally formed when limestone is exposed to high temperatures, and its “wavy” look created from refracted light bouncing off calcite within the stone. Every piece of marble is unique, highly durable, and gorgeous, making it an expensive and desirable material for interior design.

This marble vessel sink goes perfectly with the industrial look of the bathroom, matching the unfinished brickwork behind it to create a rough and raw look. Vessel sinks usually ooze class, and when you’re using marble as the material, the final result is spectacular.

Stainless steel undermount sink

Modern Stainless Steel Undermount Sink

Image from Homydea

The undermount sink is a traditional-style stink that is installed directly under the bathroom counter. This example uses stainless steel that has had bubbles added to it with helium, creating a delicate texture that looks magnificent against the simplicity of the marble countertop. The sink also features two fixed chrome plugs, which match the colour of the taps to create a coherent and stylish look.

The sink stretches the full width of the counter, and has unconventional raised edges on either side, making it even more edgy and cool.

Wall-mounted basin sink

Wall Mounted Basin

Image from The Interior Gallery

This is the epitome of simple bathroom sink designs, chosen as the centrepiece of this gorgeous minimalist design. The design of the bathroom uses only three colours—black, grey, and white, and includes a simple wall-mounted basin sink that fits perfectly with the room’s design. This smaller sink would typically be more suited to a single male or female, who doesn’t use a lot of products, and prefers their bathroom to have a cleaner and neater look.

This is a simple sink that should be relatively cheap to purchase and install.

Stone moulded sink

Stone Moulded Sink

Image from Fixtures, Etc.

This entire counter is cut from a single piece of stone, with a sloping undermount sink descending in the middle to create a distinct industrial look. The sink fits well with the light wood cupboard underneath, the old-fashioned loop-pull handles, and the frame of the rough wooden vanity hanging on the wall.