5 Bathroom Ideas For Small Bathrooms

5 Bathroom Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Looking for bathroom ideas for small bathrooms? Got a bathroom that isn’t much bigger than a closest? Don’t think for a moment this is a problem for your design plans. It’s all about working with your small space and maximising what you’ve got.

By using the right décor and utilising the natural light you have in your space, it is possible to make small bathrooms appear spacious and bigger than they really are.

Choosing the right cabinetry and storage for your bathroom

You might think storage space in your bathroom means lots of cabinetry, but that isn’t always the case. Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms can incorporate storage solutions without the need for intrusive cabinetry. For example:

  • Rather than a boxed in vanity cabinet, you could choose a dressing table, usually reserved for the bedroom. In doing so, you have the option of adding a sink on the top of the table, and you have an open space underneath that you can use to play around with additional storage methods (see below for laundry bins/baskets).
  • Opt for open shelving to store your folded towels, rather than using a built in cupboard. Much like using a dressing table, this gives the illusion of more space in an otherwise small bathroom.
  • Think outside the box for efficient shelving space that uses the walls themselves, such as coves built into the walls, where you can store towels and toiletries. This is particularly useful for storage spaces above a bathtub.
  • Instead of cabinetry, consider open shelves and use extra large laundry bins for storage of towels and toiletries. Large wicker baskets, for example, add earthy textures to small bathrooms.
  • If you must have a bathtub, could you install towel racks in the wall space above it? This is another useful trick used in small bathrooms to make the most of available wall space.
  • If you do choose cabinetry and it works in your bathroom design, consider using mirrors on your cabinet doors to give the illusion of a larger bathroom. Mirrors work wonders in small spaces; more on mirrors later.
  • If your bathroom space is super tiny, consider positioning your sink and mirror on an angle in the corner of the room. This way they are not preventing you from using the walls for other storage or design features.
  • Curved corner cabinetry will give your small room a softer and rounder look, and bonus points for not hurting yourself if you bang into it.

The right décor small bathrooms

There are hundreds of décor combinations you could choose for your small bathroom, but simplicity is the key. Keep your tiny space simple, there’s no need to overdo it with elaborate patterned décor.

Consider using neutral colours in your décor, for starters. Beige, off-white, light greys and tans might seem a bit dull, but choosing soft neutrals will make your small space feel larger. You can always accessorise with colour.

Pops of colour

Consider adding pops of colour to your neutral tones to make the room more personal. You could add coral coloured towels on open shelves, add a bright red bathmat, or aqua laundry baskets. Small bursts of bold patterns on a mat, toothbrush holder or plant pot add a little zing to your tiny bathroom, without overdoing it with complicated wallpapers or tiling.

Don’t be shy; add mirrors to your décor

Mirrors work like magic! Add mirrors to just about any room and they open up that space to make it appear bigger. Mirrors are an easy way to reflect light, and if you use them wisely, you will maximise your room space.   Consider adding:

  • a large mirror above your bathtub
  • an oversized mirror above your vanity
  • multiple mirrors in different sizes
  • mirrors to your cabinet doors
  • a mirror to the corner of your room
  • a large mirror on the wall for the illusion of a larger space.

Don’t block out your light

Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms should always consider natural light.   Work with the light you have, or consider ways to get extra light into your small space.

Do you have a window in your bathroom that you might feel invades your privacy? Don’t feel you must block out your window, or swipe a curtain across it. Consider replacing your window with a frosted glass or apply frosted glass film. That way you still get natural light into your small bathroom.

If you don’t have much in the way of natural light in your bathroom because of where it is positioned in your home, is it possible to have a skylight fitted? Bathroom skylights infuse small spaces with brightness, which will inevitably open up your room.

Other tricks of the trade to maximise your small bathroom space

You already know that using the right colours and manipulating your existing lighting can really open up your small bathroom, making it appear spacious and larger.

However, there are other ways you can get creative with your bathroom ideas for small bathrooms, such as:

  • Installing one long sink, much like a trough, instead of small sinks. Long narrow trough sinks are a practical solution for families using a small bathroom space.
  • Opt for a sliding door rather than a door that opens up into your small bathroom space. That way, you free up your bathroom, and won’t worry about banging yourself on the open door.
  • Rather than choose a different floor covering for your shower, continue the same floor tiles you have in your bathroom, into your shower. This takes the eye along the tile line, making your bathroom appear larger.
  • Don’t think that you must factor a foggy shower screen or shower curtain into your small bathrooms. By choosing clear glass or even an open ‘wet room’ vibe, you can open up the space – and minimise your cleaning.

Discuss your small bathroom project with All Bathroom Gear

The right decor, lighting, and appropriately sized furnishings can work wonders in your tiny bathroom. Need help to make your vision a reality? Discuss your bathroom ideas for small bathrooms with the team at All Bathroom Gear. All Bathroom Gear has been serving Brisbane and greater Queensland for over 30 years and has successfully completed over 1,900 bathrooms and kitchens.

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