5 Amazing Kitchen Styling Tips

5 Amazing Kitchen Styling Tips

Whether we’re socialising, relaxing, eating, or snacking, the kitchen is where we naturally gravitate. So it makes sense to ensure your kitchen is exceptionally stylish. But a lot of people are apprehensive: surely stylish kitchens are out of reach? Our answer: not even slightly.

As far as we are concerned, stylish kitchens are a right and they don’t have to cost a fortune! All you need are the right fittings, a good eye, and some expert tips. Speaking of expert tips, let’s take a look at some of ours below.

Lighting is key: one of our favourite kitchen styling tips is pendant lighting with island benches!

Lights: they affect our perception more than anything. The importance of lighting when it comes to kitchen styling cannot be understated, which is why this is our first tip. And when it comes to lights, we think pendant lights are a standout. They hang beautifully in almost every home and cast a warm, yet practical glow over every kitchen they grace. But they are best suited to one spot more than others: the island bench. A series of pendant lights hanging over an island bench is almost all you need to give your kitchen a stunning edge.

Appliance are more than just practical – they’re a design feature too

We often think of appliances as something of a necessary evil in the design world. And certainly, you can see where that perception came from. Older appliances, after all, aren’t the most attractive. But that’s changing. New appliances are sleek, and they’re available in plenty of designs and colours. Better still, they’re more energy-efficient so their costs are far lower in the long term. If we reframe our thinking to include appliances as design features, then everything from fridges to toasters become important. So make your choice well – ask for an expert opinion when choosing appliances for your kitchen.

Space-efficiency and styling go hand in hand – here’s a tip to combine these in your kitchen!

Bar stools are commercially popular for a reason. They’re very space-efficient; they can slide under a bar, where they’re out of the way, but still enable grater seating capacities. They also look good, with plenty of designs available. Luckily, those principles are transferable to your kitchen too! Space efficiency is great if you live in a smaller home or apartment. It’s even important in larger homes. So look into bar stools as an option to transform the style of your kitchen.

Good storage doesn’t need to be unappealing: here’s a kitchen styling tip to save you some space

Cabinetry is something that a lot of budding kitchen designers find challenging. Mixing sleek, attractive designs with storage capacity is tricky, to say the least. However, it’s far from impossible. One of our best kitchen storage styling tips is exposed shelving. It’s a great way to show off your most beautiful crockery, utensils, and cookware, while also maximising useable storage space. Better still, it’s affordable!

Utensil jars: for a rustic-meets-elegant spin on kitchen styling, look at utensil storage alternatives

Speaking of utensils, why hide them? If you’re proud of your kitchen utensils – many of which are a design feature in their own right – then show them off! Utensil jars are a terrific way to declutter your drawers and have your utensils easily accessible while you cook. They’re growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why.

Whatever you choose for your kitchen styling project, combine it with our expert tips! Contact us today on (07) 3391 6628 for all your kitchen design needs.