10 Clever Ensuite Renovation Ideas

10 Clever Ensuite Renovation Ideas

You’ve finally decided that your ensuite is in need of a bit of an overhaul, but budget limitations are unfortunately part of the whole equation. If you’re working with a small space, the task can be even more daunting! But there are ways you can achieve a functional, beautiful bathroom without breaking the bank. Here are ten clever ensuite renovation ideas.

Idea #1 – Renovate Your Shower Doors

If you are undertaking bathroom renovations or adding an ensuite into a small space, remember that shower doors can visually add to the clutter of a bathroom. Frameless shower screen panels, because they have no visual barriers, will make the room look a lot larger and the design will add a modern feel as well.

Choose the appropriate fittings and drainage systems and you’ll also ensure your bathroom floors stay as dry as possible. If you do opt for a shower door, opt for clear glass, as textured glass can make a space feel like it has an extra wall.

Idea #2 – Update Your Bathroom Vanity

When it comes to ensuite designs, your choice of vanity is another important factor. Wall-mounted vanities are a space-saving option because they have a low profile and can therefore free up floor space. Floating vanities can also make an ensuite appear instantly larger, plus they allow for storage underneath.

Finishes can also make a big difference because while sharp-edged fixtures may look sleek, they can appear imposing and overly dramatic in smaller spaces. Soft, rounded edges will not only cultivate continuity in design, they’ll eliminate sharp corner hazards!

Ideal #3 – Choose Your Taps Strategically

When building or renovating an ensuite, wall-mounted taps can also save a lot of space as they allow for a narrower sink that will give you a wider walkway. That means plenty of room to brush your teeth!
The number of tap holes in your vanity will also affect the type of taps you can consider. For ensuites with limited space, it’s worth investing in either monobloc taps (with one spout and two handles) or single lever taps (with one spout and a single lever). These work well with one tap hole as opposed to pillar taps, for example, which supply hot and cold water but require two tap holes.

Idea #4 – Consider Your Toilet Space

If you’re building or even just updating an ensuite, consider how your toilet works in conjunction with the rest of the bathroom. In-wall cisterns are great in terms of using the space you have efficiently, plus the area above the cistern can also provide additional storage space in terms of things like floating shelves.

Idea #5 – Choose Tiles That Create The Illusion of More Space

Another clever ensuite renovation idea is to choose tiles that complement smaller spaces. Large format tiles and/or larger patterns on tiles (such as wide stripes) can trick the eye into seeing a bigger area. Larger tiles will also mean less lines are evident and there is less grouting to break up the visual effect, so your bathroom will appear broader with a higher ceiling.

Predominantly white tiles that go all the way up to the ceiling can also add to the illusion more room both in depth and in width. If you need a pop of colour, then think about adding a coloured floor that suits the style of your bathroom. A dramatic bathroom? Choose a black and white floor. After an elegant feel? Opt for a light multi-coloured grey, a French pattern or Scandinavian designs that have a touch of timber.

Idea #6 – Style With Mirrors

In terms of ensuite designs, nothing makes an ensuite more stylish than a mirror that reaches from the floor to the ceiling. Trimmed in tile or wood, an expansive mirror with the appropriate lighting installed on top or hanging in front can double the light’s impact and make the entire space expand.

A variety of large mirrors of varying shapes around the room can also create contrast and add visual appeal, and if your ensuite has a window, place a mirror on the opposite wall. This can make the mirror look like an additional window, and the reflected natural light will also make the room appear brighter and bigger.

Idea #7 – Maximise Light

Natural light can make a room feel roomier. However, if you don’t have the luxury of adding an external window when renovating an ensuite, think about your lighting. Flush mounted ceiling lights can add the perception of greater space. Lighting around the vanity will also brighten up that area of the room, and tape lighting on vanity tops or lighted mirrors can work wonders in a small area.

If your budget affords it, why not add a skylight? The optimal ‘window’ for any bathroom, it can increase the light in a room tenfold meaning you’ll be basking the space in natural light without taking up any precious wall space.

Idea #8 – Think About Colour

When it comes to ensuite renovation ideas, one thing you’ll need to consider early on in the process is your use of colour. White and neutral colours are best for smaller rooms as they can make a room seem larger than it actually is. Also consider painting everything with a unifying colour. This will make unusual shapes disappear and create a cleaner more expansive space.

You can also use neutral patterns and textures to add depth and then add pops of colour in your towels and mirror frames to add creativity. Black accessories can also create a dramatic look, rose gold a more elegant effect and light timber pieces will add a Scandinavian feel.

Idea #9 – Create More Space With Storage

Incorporating storage into your ensuite (like under the vanity, built-in or as a stand-alone piece of hardware), will not only help de-clutter spaces, it can help give the illusion of spaciousness. In terms of ensuite renovation ideas, floating shelves are a stylish way to add functionality and open shelving can also allow you to display beautifully textured towels, designer beauty products or pretty accessories.

High mounted shelving will also make use of all of the available space, and if enclosed, are a great spot for hiding extra toiletries and additional bathroom accessories you don’t use everyday. Hooks and over-the-door hangers are great for keeping things organised, and bathroom carts are also a convenient hide-it-away-after-you’re-done-with it option.

Idea #10 – Keep The Styling Understated

Lastly, when renovating an ensuite, don’t overdo the styling! Functionality is key when it comes to smaller bathrooms, but so is minimising clutter – toss the excess, resist the urge to display knick knacks, and if it doesn’t need to be consistently at arm’s length, store it away!

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